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iamnoobgood day.. just wondering.. what the "test" folder inside the official module's folder doing?03:29
plantianiamnoob: As far as I know trytond.test is for the module tests, ie. stock/tests, and for trytond tests.03:47
iamnoobplantian: ok got it. thanks :)03:48
iamnoobplantian: ping05:27
plantianiamnoob: hey05:27
iamnoobplantian: hi there, having a problem updating my database its seem its not like on version 1.4 where tryton automatically create the tables based on the models i declare in my .py file and xml05:29
plantianiamnoob: What is the error you are having?05:30
iamnoobplantian: here is the error05:30
plantianiamnoob: What does your file look like?  And can you pastebin the model catgroup.catgroup?05:33
iamnoobplantian: ok wait gimme a sec05:33
iamnoobplatian: here's my ->
iamnoobplantian: here my model link ->
plantianThere are some things in your model that might be wrong but seems like the table would still be made.  What is the XML?  And what command are you running to update the models with trytond?05:40
iamnoobplantian: my XML is this :
iamnoobplantian: i did notice at the logs there was an error in parsing my XML... i did a side to side comparison with the country module.. and i cant find or got idea whats causing the error..05:42
iamnoobplantian: im using this command to update the database -> trytond -d 100 -u CatalogGroup05:43
iamnoobplantian: where 100 is the name of my test database05:43
plantianiamnoob: There is another xml error?05:46
iamnoobplantian: umm no there's only one.. the one im talking about is line 1 of
plantianiamnoob: Yeah it seems really odd.  I don't think the error is that the table is missing but rather the model cannot be found in the python code.06:01
plantianiamnoob: Yeah I don't see a problem, how are you deploying your module?  Are you editing it in-place with the trytond installation?06:12
iamnoobplantian: still looking for what i may have miss..06:12
iamnoobplantian: i have this copy in my desktop.. thats the one im editing.. then pasting it into the trytond directory06:14
iamnoobplantian: i mean.. copying it.. then trying to update the database again with "trytond -d 100 -u CatalogGroup"06:15
plantianyeah maybe make sure the code is correct in the destination dir, for whatever reason it may be wrong there06:15
plantianjust a thought06:16
iamnoobplantian: i put my module in this directory.. usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-package/trytond-2.6.2-py2.6.egg/trytond/modules/CatalogGroup06:18
iamnoobplantian: what im confused about is.. the official modules is in directory .. usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-package/<official module name.egg>06:19
plantianiamnoob: yeah, i'm not sure how that part works07:10
iamnoobplantian: i go on try some more things.. there must be something i havent dont yet. thanks again07:54
iamnoobstill cant figure out what's wrong. -->     , i already check my XML .. and i dont get why its not working -->
iamnoobi dont know if its because it didnt create the table in the database.. or its something else.. anyone care to help me please?09:14
cedkiamnoob: did you register your Model in the Pool?09:28
iamnoobcedk: hi cedk.. is it in the -->
cedkiamnoob: could you put http in front of your links, otherwise it is not links09:36
iamnoobcedk: ok sorry , its
cedkiamnoob: so CatalogGroup has a wrong name09:38
jcaviamnoob: If you can , we would also need the file09:38
iamnoobjcav: here..    theres my .py file09:39
iamnoobcedk: i dont get it.. is it not the Class name i should put in the "def register()"?09:42
jcaviamnoob: it is09:43
iamnoobjcav: how bout on the module= ?, is it the model name?09:45
iamnoobjcav: i mean .. the model name inside the class?09:45
jcaviamnoob: module= should be the name of your module, usually it matches the first part of the __name__ of your class for readability09:46
jcaviamnoob: so here it looks good09:46
iamnoobjcav: on the error .. it says i got a problem on <record model="ir.action.act_window.view"> see line 45 http://      plantian said its good.. i do too.. but got confused on the error.09:49
jcaviamnoob: I saw that. Did you try commenting out this part ? Just to be sure ?09:49
jcaviamnoob: and are you sure your tryton.cfg uses the right xml filename ?09:50
iamnoobjcav: here is my tryton.cfg
iamnoobjcav: trying out commenting of those part.. brb09:56
iamnoobjcav: hi got the database updated now.. i think its the <data skiptest> tag that some how causing the problem10:08
iamnoobjcav: got my moduled installed now. but when i try to open it. i got the error that i had yesterday..10:10
jcaviamnoob: which was ?10:10
iamnoobjcav: the list.index(x): x not in list error10:11
jcaviamnoob: did you comment the act_catgroups_form_view2 part of the xml ?10:12
iamnoobjcav: yes.. but it keeps on giving me error.. until i try to remove the <data skiptest> tag, after that when i run "trytond -d 100 -u CatalogGroup" it success' | here is the latest one
jcaviamnoob: Ok, so just to be sure, what is the name of your module ? the folder in which are your files ?10:18
iamnoobjcav: ohh .. i named it 'CatalogGroup' also10:19
iamnoobjcav: ohh .. i named it 'CatalogGroup' that the Folder name where i put all the .py and .cfg10:19
jcaviamnoob: I think (not sure about this one) that the name of the folder is sometime used by the framework10:25
jcaviamnoob: so if you can, try to renae i10:25
jcavrename it "catgroup"10:25
iamnoobjcav: i see... alright. will try it out. thanks10:26
jcaviamnoob: you're welcome10:26
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iamnoobjcav: after i changed it.. it give me an error. it finding the old folder name10:46
iamnoobjcav: maybe the foldername really needs to be the same as the .py and .xml file . but not sure.10:46
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plantianHey guys, if I want to run a wizard programmatically do I just instantiate one?  Is there a good example in the modules where that might happen?21:25
plantianIn my example I am trying to pay an invoice with the PayInvoice wizard.21:26
cedkplantian: there is no good example because it was not design for21:31
cedkplantian: but I guess you could instanciate and call _execute21:32
cedkplantian: but why don't you use pay_invoice method?21:32
plantiancedk: Yeah okay, I will check that out.  I wrote this code a long time ago.21:37
plantianIt is a wizard the pays many invoices at once.21:37

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