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zodmanping cedk01:05
zodmanwhat it is the differences of ir.sequence and ir.sequence.strict ?01:06
cedkzodman: strict will not allow hole01:17
zodmana hole ?01:17
cedkzodman: in the sequence01:18
zodmanhere >>  ir_sequence_strict.number_increment01:19
iamnoobanyone up?06:34
iamnoobjust wondering.. i got a def on_change_<something>   but when i test it.. it prompts me it takes atleast 5 argument and 2 given, whats the cause for this? im looking into account_invoice module to see some on_change events.. and i made mines like those.. but im getting the error..08:06
iamnoobiamnoob: ok got my problem's fixed :)08:22
iamnoobhi, how do i get the id of the selected row in a Many2One field?09:27
iamnoobhow can i enable the delete button on the tryton client?11:17
iamnoobfound it.. nvrmind my Q' :)11:21
jcaviamnoob: Hi. I am not sure that such a button exists. To delete a link (M2O), you just have to backspace it11:21
jcaviamnoob: how did you do ?11:22
iamnoobumm since i came from ver 1.4 im used to having the delete button at the top11:22
iamnoobjcav: now its inside the little icon on the left side of the Module name (the wrench and screwdriver icon)11:23
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plantianIs the order of classes passed to Pool.register important?20:52
cedkplantian: yes for foreign key creation20:52
plantiancedk: okay, thank you20:54
plantianIs the best way to alter an existing field in a subclass to copy the field and then change the attributes of the field object and re-assign it? -- This is my old code --  -- I don't see any such examples in any of the official tryton modules.21:10
cedkplantian: no more needed to copy21:17
cedkplantian: nor _reset_columns21:18
cedkplantian: just append your field in on_change21:18
plantiancedk: okay, cool, i'm doing this in __setup__ and will be converting to cls from self, which seems the new way too21:18
cedkplantian: yes21:18

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