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iamnoobhi,, im getting an, "need more than 0 values to unpack" error.. what does this actually mean?09:45
corroiamnoob: The error means you're trying to do something like this: a, b, c = ()09:51
iamnoobcorro: oh i see.. let me check again..09:53
iamnoobcorro: does this happen in the .py file or the .xml file? been trying to find where the error took place for hours now :(09:58
corroiamnoob: It's in the python code somewhere. The stack trace should point you to the right file/line. Maybe I can help you when you post the stack trace at or something.10:01
iamnoobhere is the error on my console
iamnoobcorro:here is the error on my console
iamnoobcorro: here is the .py im working on
corroiamnoob: looks like the error occurs when parsing the xml. Could you post that instead?10:07
iamnoobcorro: here is the xml file10:09
corroiamnoob: looks like somethings wrong with one of those lines: <field name="model" search="[('model', '=', 'inv.stockfund')]"/>, but I can't really tell what...10:22
iamnoobcorro: hmm i did look into that line too.. but im confused. i got another module that is almost identical to the one ive shown you (execpt the variable names) and its working find10:30
corroiamnoob: I don't know tryton > 2.4 yet, but I guess it's got an file too. Does the file import
iamnoobcorro: yes i does have "from .Inv import*" there in  , im currently using 2.6 and i came from 1.4 im still learning tryton from the start10:36
iamnoobcorro: ill try again cleaning my module folder and insert a fresh copy.. hopefully it will go well again..10:38
iamnoobcorro: its working now.. trashed the old module folder then put in a fresh copy.. restart the server and update the database.. and it ok again..11:24
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iamnoobhi .. i got a Many2One field.. when im about to select a record on it.. it give's me an error, it says..13:34
iamnoobValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: <'record name'>13:34
iamnoobafter i close the error message.. it gives me the _rec_field value of that model.. which i want.. i just want to know why its giving me that error or what's the meaning of it please. thanks in advance13:35
eriamHello, is there a specific GNU Health irc channel ?18:43
piloueriam: See
eriamheh ok19:17
eriampilou: thanks20:06
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