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sisalphi, what means SAO on this page :  Is this line still accurate ?11:49
sisalpsorry wrong link and wrong question11:50
sisalpSAo is mentionned here :
sisalpand will web client use GWT ?11:52
nicoesisalp: it is outdated indeed11:52
sisalpnicoe: ok thank you11:53
sisalpnicoe: it was a twitter question.11:54
nicoesisalp: a twitter question ?11:54
sisalpnicoe: a question asked on twitter11:55
cedksisalp: you could fix wikipedia11:56
sisalpcedk: I'm not sure of the right answer11:59
cedksisalp: it will be based on jquery12:03
sisalpcedk: made the change on wikipedia, thank you12:22
max_hi there14:23
max_I'm interesting in tryton, and tried to install it on Ubuntu 12.1014:25
max_I have a problem with the Neso install14:25
max_all the install process seems to go well, but when I try to launch it,nothing happen14:26
max_just nothing. No error message or whatever.14:26
pilouWhen is the next meeting of the foundation Tryton?15:21
nicoepilou: The meetings occurs every last friday.15:23
nicoepilou: So it is scheduled for the 22nd of Feb15:24
pilounicoe: thanks, will my proposition (related to Android client) be examined the 22nd of Feb ? Is there a need to do a formal request (to whom?) ?15:28
cedkpilou: it is not the goal of the Foundation15:29
pilouAccept/refuse the proposition is not the role/goal of the foundation ?15:34
cedkpilou: yeps15:35
pilouwho can accept or refuse the proposition ?15:35
cedkpilou: we need to find a consensus15:36
cedkpilou: but at the end, it is useless to accept if nobody will take care of it15:37
pilouwho is "we" ? :)15:37
cedkpilou: undefined15:37
pilouwho decide the conditions ?15:38
cedkpilou: I don't know15:40
cedkpilou: if you really want and answer I will give you one with which you will not be happy15:41
nicoeThe fact is that there is no procedure defined (for anything in fact)15:42
nicoe(for almost anything)15:42
pilouCould the foundation defines a procedure for fact like that ?15:43
cedkpilou: I don't want so I will be against15:43
nicoeBut I think that we have to think together on what is needed to be qualified as a "Tryton Project"15:44
piloucedk: i will be against the proposition or against the definition of a general procedure ?15:44
piloucedk: do you mean "against the proposition" or "against the definition of a general procedure" ?15:45
cedkpilou: both15:45
piloucedric_scil: ^15:54
cedric_scilI've followed the discussion15:54
sisalppilou: as far as I inderstand, getting your software inside is first a set of commitments and costs16:18
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plantianAre there cases where I'll need to re-read a record?  For example if I have a sale record, then I call Sale.quote([sale]) and Sale.confirm([sale]) will the sale record I still have be updated, ie. with sale.shipments?  Or do I need to do sale = Sale.browse([])[0] ?23:36
cedkplantian: Normally, no cache is clear as soon as you write23:57

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