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sisalphello, I have a question about product variants12:05
sisalpI see product template and product12:05
sisalpbut can we generate models based on options or variants ?12:06
sisalpI mean attributes (size, color ...)12:06
sisalpnot sure I'm clear, the request is for a clothes store12:07
cedksisalp: there is no standard module for that12:09
cedksisalp: there is a prototype on codereview from grasbauer12:09
cedksisalp: but it is difficult to have a generic module I think12:10
cedksisalp: it is really easy to write one generator (if the definition is easy :-))12:11
sisalpcedk: thank you it answers my question and it's good to know grabauer is the man12:15
sisalpcedk: it's probably easy, at least for you ;-)12:16
sisalpcedk: but I prefer working with someone who already thought about it, and if possible to fund him on a customer project12:16
sisalpcedk: where on should I go to find this answer instead of asking you ?12:17
sisalpcedk: I agree on the fact that it probably cannot standardize enough to get supported as official module12:19
cedksisalp: normally people shoud announce such work on contrib mailing list12:20
cedksisalp: after that, we can not promote something that is just a POC12:21
cedksisalp: once there are releases, they should be published on PyPI12:21
sisalpcedk: so my first step is to register to contrib mailing list12:22
sisalpcedk: today I strive to get new users to Tryton, and I often need to identify who would be the best to meet a specific requirement12:24
sisalpcedk: a kind of market place would help me.12:25
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yangoon1sisalp: for 2.6 look at the forks12:27
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sisalpyangoon1: I read this : Mathias Behrle forked product_variant as yangoon/product_variant12:29
sisalpyangoon1: and feel lost about the process which leads to several variants of product_varaints12:30
sisalpyangoon1: does it mean you added something specific to mathias module ?12:31
cedksisalp: a market exists only if there are products. In software dev, products are releases and for Tryton they should be find on PyPI12:33
sisalpcedk: I'm often more looking for skills than products because a skilled man will do the job well12:35
sisalpcedk: so the author of a similar or same module is a skilled man12:35
yangoonsisalp: my intention was to point you to
yangoonthey forgot to include grasbauer in COPYRIGHT, but it is on this base12:36
yangoonand this module is on PyPi12:37
sisalpyangoon: apart from looking at the code, how to identify the right target ?12:37
cedksisalp: you should look at but not sure everyone maintain his skills12:38
yangoonsisalp: what do you mean by 'right target'?12:38
sisalpyangoon: the best man and the best software, and the one we should fund to improve the functionnality.12:40
yangoonsisalp: for me the way is to look at the qualitiy of the work and to contact authors to get an impression12:42
sisalpcedk: I know these people ( seems having gone to 404) and I'm willing to work with all of them.12:43
yangoonand quality of work means the support of the customer in every respect12:44
sisalpcedk: yangoon: but while tryton is growing, just knowing everybody becomes difficult.12:44
yangoonsisalp: I think it is as always: you have to invest the time to find the people you are trusting, that they will accomplish your requirements12:46
sisalpyangoon: customer support is N1 and N2 support levels, I'm looking frst N3 support level: the author.12:46
yangoononce you have found them, you will stay with them12:46
yangoonsisalp: its always customer, if its level 1 or 312:48
cedksisalp: the sucess story idea on the website could also help you in the future12:48
sisalpyangoon: in my organization, N3 is not funded by customer, but you may imagine something else.12:49
cedksisalp: but I think for now, most of the people arround Tryton are not really specialized (except on Tryton)12:49
sisalpcedk: but some have proven to be excellent on some areas (GIS, ecommerce, medical, ...) and I aim at leveraging this advantage12:52
cedksisalp: I think if they should expose it on their description on service page12:52
cedksisalp: or you can try to get them on linkedin (or similar) where you can manage skills of people12:53
sisalpcedk: I think we agree, and process will probably improve with new commers12:53
cedksisalp: we could imagine also add some sort of tags on service page12:54
cedksisalp: like medical, ecommerce etc.12:55
cedksisalp: but again it will be only based on what people tell12:55
sisalpcedk: in a short time futur, TUL will not be enough to know everybody.12:55
cedksisalp: I hope so12:55
cedksisalp: and in some way, it is already the case, I got patches from people I don't know12:56
sisalpcedk: I don't have a solution either, maybe a list ?12:56
cedksisalp: nicoe started to work on a layout website over PyPI where you could create a trusted network of people and review12:57
sisalpcedk: nicoe: +112:58
sisalpcedk: probably TUC_2013 will be the time to structure community collaboration, don't you think ?12:59
cedksisalp: I think it is hard to structure community in FOSS13:00
cedksisalp: I think the best we can do is providing the tools in the hope people will use it13:01
cedksisalp: we can force people to use bugtracker, codereview because otherwise patches are not included13:01
cedksisalp: but for external modules (without purpose to be in the core), it is very hard13:02
cedksisalp: because there are no constraints13:02
sisalpcedk: +1, technical tools + guidelines + promotion of good players will do the job I think13:02
cedksisalp: so we should build the best tools to get people using it13:02
cedksisalp: yes for me, first guideline is *make releases*13:03
cedksisalp: I wanted to make a talk at TUL2012 about the subject but not enough time :-(13:04
cedkACTION Lunch13:04
sisalpcedk: agree, second should consider organizing shared developement by several contributors, imho, or is it a dumb proposal ?13:05
rmugeneric product attributes really is a broad topic. I also have a fork of the grasbauer-version of product_variant on bitbucket, but i have some very special needs ;-)13:17
rmuthis was started before tryton_contrib mailinglist. and i can probably only maintain a version for the tryton-version that is deployed here (2.6 at the moment)13:18
cedkudono: I will not answer to your email about netiquette because it doesn't respect the netiquette13:47
udonocedk: No problem, it is ok for me.13:49
cedkudono: by the way, moderation as we do doesn't prevent free speech13:50
cedkudono: proof, the message landed in the mailing list at the end13:50
udonocedk: avoid cross posting.13:50
cedkudono: I don't post13:51
sharoonthomascedk: I have a patch for services page with info about openlabs16:07
sharoonthomascedk: when i try to run the site locally, it says that messages_ca folder is missing16:07
sharoonthomascedk: how do i generate those ?16:07
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cedksharoonthomas: you need a patch applied on trunk version17:35
sharoonthomascedk: where is the trunk version ?17:36
cedksharoonthomas: I think it is on github17:39
sharoonthomascedk: trunk version of nikola, ! ok17:39
sisalphello, is there a place to get official Tryton logos white/black and black/white ?17:45
cedksisalp: siteweb repo or tryton repo17:47
sharoonthomascedk: I have pushed the change to code review, is there anything else i should od ? like create a bug report ?17:54
plantianhi guys, how does this wizard actually know to print in this wizard?
plantianIs it just because of the keyword that lead to the wizard starting in the first place?19:38
cedkplantian: don't understand the question19:40
plantiancedk: I think I understand now, the action "", means create this report and send it to the printer.19:43
plantianSorry I didn't see what actually caused the printing.19:44
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