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2013-02-04 07:19 <iamnoob> good day, how can i add a search box ? in the .xml file?
2013-02-04 08:15 <iamnoob> i mean is there a way to add filters? soo i can filter using the other fields
2013-02-04 08:43 <udono> iamnoob: hi, you can use 'domain' or 'search_value' in xml. Just grep your module tree for examples.
2013-02-04 08:47 <iamnoob> udono: thanks, do one of the official module got those examples? for me to study
2013-02-04 08:51 <udono> iamnoob: did you clone all the modules in a directory?
2013-02-04 08:53 <udono> iamnoob: then you can try grep -R search_value trytond/trytond/modules
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2013-02-04 22:31 <plantian> Is it possible to go from a later state in a wizard to an earlier state and without the form values being reset?
2013-02-04 22:33 <cedk> plantian: you must set the value in default_*
2013-02-04 22:35 <plantian> cedk: So if I'm in default_start(self, fields), can I just access self.start? Is it possible to differentiate from the first time versus the second time(or later) the state is visited?
2013-02-04 22:37 <cedk> plantian: first time start will be empty
2013-02-04 22:51 <plantian> cedk: I'm trying this but it doesn't seem to be working --
2013-02-04 22:55 <plantian> I updated the gist.
2013-02-04 22:56 <cedk> plantian: start always exists, it is the value on it that should not be filled

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