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shalabhaggarwalcedk: Hi, are there some known issues with the Time field in 2.6?13:42
shalabhaggarwalcedk: I am using the mac client for 2.6 and whenever i add Time field to my view, it breaks saying "'str' object has no attribute 'strftime'"13:46
cedkshalabhaggarwal: there was
shalabhaggarwalcedk: i already checked this one. seems that here the issue pops up while saving. i get this when the view loads for new record13:58
cedkshalabhaggarwal: report an issue with traceback13:58
shalabhaggarwalcedk: ok, thanks13:58
cedkand again, MySQL shows his inaccuracy:
cedka new test and a new fail15:47
linuxpoetMorning folks... I was just curious about the status of the project. I tried the demo server and to locate some screenshots and neither has been successful19:10
cedklinuxpoet: screenshots was dropped in the new website19:14
cedklinuxpoet: what is the problem with the demo server?19:14
linuxpoetthat is unfortunate19:14
linuxpoetcedk: web page unavailable19:14
linuxpoetcedk: and although it also responds to ssl I get nothing from it either19:15
cedklinuxpoet: you must use the Tryton client to connect to the server19:15
linuxpoetcedk: oh19:23
linuxpoetcedk: that isn't in anyway clear from the website19:23
linuxpoetcedk: As it is written now, it sounds like it is a web interface19:24
cedklinuxpoet: why do you think that? There is no http link19:25
linuxpoetcedk: because I am on a web page. If I see a domain name with a port number I am automatically going to think to connect to it with my web browser19:31
linuxpoetcedk: then again, why would I think to use the client? For all I know it could be a telnet interface19:32
linuxpoetcedk: although that might be a stretch :P19:32
linuxpoetcedk: either way, I think it would make sense to edit the page to say, "Connect with your tryton client to:"19:32
cedklinuxpoet: fixed:
linuxpoetcedk: excellent, ty sir.19:45
linuxpoetcedk: why were screen shots removed? It seems to very much remove the appeal. I like to see what I am getting into19:45
linuxpoetcedk: If it is a question of use case... I run (you may know of us from PostgreSQL). The only non-free software that I still am required to use is QuickBooks. I have been slowly convincing our CPA that there are other/better options out there. However, I point him to the website and their is nothing for him to see. He isn't interested. Frankly, from an advocacy point of view, neither am I. Why would I down19:50
cedklinuxpoet: screenshot will not help, they show almost nothing20:10
cedklinuxpoet: and moreover, it was never updated because not enough manpower, priority is put on other stuffs20:11
linuxpoetcedk: well that obviously isn't the cpa's opinion20:12
linuxpoetcedk: but I understand your point about manpower etc20:12
plantianIs there a reason the company tests are added to the suite and run with the stock tests?  I'm following the official module testing strategy in my own module and trying to understand it.20:27
cedkplantian: to not have to create it again20:28
plantiancedk: You mean to not have to create the company again?20:29
plantianSo essentially you are just populating the testing database with the company information before the stock tests are run?20:29
cedkplantian: yes21:18

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