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plantianIs there a way to speed up the tests?00:17
cedkplantian: sqlite runs faster00:23
plantiancedk: It determines that from the configuration file in etc/trytond.conf?  Is there a way to override that just for testing?00:24
cedkplantian: I think there is a -c option on tryton_tests but not on individual one00:25
iamnoobgood day, does any one have an idea what a "ValueError: invalid literal for int() with bas 10:" is?03:18
plantianiamnoob: Can you pastebin  the full traceback?03:25
iamnoobplantian: hi there, here's the trace back
plantianiamnoob: I think there might be a line where you call browse and pass in something other than a list of ids.03:32
iamnoobplantian: here is where its happening in my .py file its on my on_change event  can you check it? im using 2.6 now03:35
plantianiamnoob: can you post the field that is using that?  I think you want to return an id and not str()03:48
iamnoobplantian: i think i solved my problem..  i just want to get what's inside my _rec_name of a model, and yet im still browsing it when its already in the _rec_name.  i just return an empty 'rec = {}' and its ok now.03:51
iamnoobplantian: but thanks again. your reply gave me the idea where to check.. thanks again plantia :)03:52
plantianiamnoob: okay, glad its working04:09
plantianiamnoob: I can't see how the on_change would work though if it just resets the thing that changed.04:10
plantianIs it possible to call a regular method on a model class in a doctest file?  I guess using proteus which seems to proxy the methods/attrs to the actual class on the server.  It seems that only special methods are proxied.09:41
jcavplantian: Only methods which are explicitely defined in the model's __rpc__ attribute (in the setup) and some special methods (which are automatically added in __rpc__) are callable from proteus09:44
jcavplantian: They are the same methods that are callable from the gtk client09:45
plantianjcav: So it seems I must test the method in a pure python test then, thanks.09:46
marc0swhat's a valid value for ssl_jsonrpc in trytond.conf? i have *:8081 and nothing seems to listen there...18:28
marc0si'm using trytond 2.6.2 and already set up the privatekey and certificate variables at conf as well18:29
cedkmarc0s: True18:32
marc0scedk: ok thanks; anything else should i take into account? I'm getting this error Error: [('SSL routines', 'SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO', 'http request')] at the server log and remote closed connection at the client18:35
cedkmarc0s: check the known_hosts of the client18:36
marc0scedk: thanks for the link! i'm looking into it...18:38
marc0scedk: the host:port had no fingerprint, removing its line and connecting again did the trick18:40
cedkmarc0s: yes, no fingerprint means no ssl18:42
marc0scedk: i understand, the point was that i previously had no ssl enabled and now i do :)18:47
plantianWhen I'm running tests is the user considered the admin user for access rules?23:14
cedkplantian: depends which tests?23:17
cedkplantian: unittest or scenario?23:17
plantiancedk: unittest23:18
plantianbut I guess in case of further problems I'd like to know both anyways23:18
cedkplantian: USER is admin23:19
cedkplantian: but it is up to you to use an other one when starting the Transaction23:19
cedkplantian: for scenario, it depends of what you pass to set_trytond call23:19
plantiancedk: Okay thanks, the issue seemed to be that the user was not part of the company.  Fixed, and I found my first bug from unit testing besides test_depends() errors.23:28

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