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basmanI need help11:57
cedkbasman: don't ask to ask, just ask12:47
basmanOkay, I'm connecting to the demo profile via tryton client12:55
basmanwhen I press pay for an invoice, I get error message saying that "debit account is missing on journal"12:55
basmanwhat is the issue ?12:55
cedkbasman: the journal you are using for payment doesn't have a default debit account13:08
basmanI can't configure accounts and journal on demo DB, but, suppose I installed tryton on my server machine, and used the minimal chart of accounts when setting up new company, then will I get the same message when I try to pay an invoice ?13:10
cedkbasman: you can configure if you use the admin user13:11
basmanHow I could customize the invoice default format ?13:15
cedkbasman: I guess you mean the report (odt file) ?13:17
basmanYes I think so13:18
cedkbasman: it is in Adminstration>UI>Action>Reports13:19
basmanwhere I could find that file and will I be able to modify  it's default format ?13:19
cedkbasman: it is an odt file containing template tags for relatorio13:20
cedkbasman: you can customize it and if you install unoconv you can convert it to almost any format supported by OpenOffice13:21
basmanCould I just add logo picture normally, how to install unoconv and activate it ?13:22
cedkbasman: you can add picture like you do to any odt file13:24
cedkbasman: to install unoconv see with your OS package manager13:24
basmanI saw, there is configuration switches for unoconv in trytond.conf. however, when I removed the # sign to activate it and after that when I ran trytond, I got an error13:26
cedkbasman: can not help without the error message13:34
basmanOkay, I tried to pay the invoice I got the same message saying that "default debit account is missing", now what should be the default debit account for Cash Journal?13:37
basmanMain cash, main expense, main receivable, main payaple ....etc?13:38
cedkbasman: usually I use cash13:43
cedkbasman: but it depends of the accounting rule you are following13:43
basmanI'm not an accounting specialist, that's why I don't know, what you use for default credit account then ?13:45
cedkbasman: I use cash for demo14:40
basmanfor debit and credit ?14:40
cedkbasman: both14:41
basmanMain Cash14:41
cedkbasman: yes14:42
basmanSo, for Cash Journal, you use "Main Cash" account for debit and credit as well14:42
cedkbasman: but for the demo server, it is not important which account you use14:42
basmanwhat about production use?14:43
cedkbasman: ask your accountant14:43
basmanThere must be a default option14:44
basmanI don't have an accountant14:44
basmanI'm trying to learn accounting principles  :D14:45
basmanSo, I could use Tryton on my own without the help of an accountant14:46
cedkbasman: if you can find the anwser by yourself, go for it14:57
cedkbasman: but I can not help you because I'm not an accountant and I even don't know from which country you are14:57
cedkbasman: after that if you don't care about the accounting and just want to use Tryton for invoicing, so just take cash account14:58
basmanI'm talking from UAE15:11
cedkbasman: UAE?15:12
basmanUnited Arab Emirates15:12
cedkbasman: don't know anything about accounting there15:14
basmanOkay thanks brother15:15
coepsHi, I would like to refer in an object to the creating user. How can I access the current user or is there maybe an example someone can point me to.15:15
cedkcoeps: Transaction().user15:16
coepscedk: thanks15:20
cedkcoeps: it gives you the id15:23
coepsIf I want it to be impossible to delete a record. Is it save just to overwrite classmethod delete with the only command return?22:22
cedkcoeps: better to raise an error message22:24
cedkcoeps: or just make ir.model.access not deletable22:25
coepscedk: But with model.access an admin could still edit this permissions. Its a simple accounting module, at least the German law requires that it is *impossible* to delete the record. So I probably have to go for the error message. Do you know a standardmodule, where this is implemented (its easier than trying :))22:33
cedkcoeps: no22:36
cedkcoeps: but don't try to be too strict22:36
cedkcoeps: implementing such rule will lead to issue, I'm pretty sure22:37
cedkcoeps: also why not use the account module?22:38
cedkcoeps: perhaps this could help:
coepscedk:  cool thanks. In Germany we have to "official" ways to do accounting. The proper way, like accounting does it, or a very simple way. For my usecase, a kindergarden, I need a very simple edition. And I still use it for learning python properly.22:45
coepscedk: not python, tryton... I know python22:45

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