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basmanHow I could enter some products quantities into my storage location without purchase operation?12:37
sharoonthomasbasman: use a stock move12:37
sharoonthomasbasman: some random from location (if it doesn't matter) and the to location as the storage location12:38
basmanI made a move from supplier location directly to storage location, but the state of the move keeps being in draft and the quantity don't increase12:38
sharoonthomasbasman: the move needs to be in done state for the stock be in your Quantity (current/real) to change12:40
basmanI'm not able to change the state of the move to Done state12:41
basmanThe drop down list is not activated12:41
basmanI'm using the demo database as admin user12:42
sharoonthomasbasman: Create a new supplier shipment (since you don't have access to change the state of the stock move)12:43
sharoonthomascedk: what is the best way to call on_change programmatically for a record which doesn't already exist (in 2.6 and using tryton as a library) ?12:44
basmanMy problem is as follows, suppose we deployed Tryton in a company that is already working and have purchased many products and put them in stock before the deployment of Tryton, then, what is the best method to enter those products in Tryton stock?12:47
basmanI tried to made a new move from Supplier location to Storage location12:47
basmanbut Tryton should ask me then, who's the supplier, but it's not required in the move window, so, the move keeps being in draft state12:47
basmanand can't be change to done state12:48
sharoonthomasbasman: thanks for explaining the purpose, for that you use inventories12:49
sharoonthomasbasman: "Inventory & Stock" > "Inventories"12:49
sharoonthomasbasman: create a new one and put in all the items you have as opening stock and tryton will make the stock moves for you automatically12:50
basmanActually, I don't understand this concept, what is the difference here between moving stock directly to storage locations  and inventory12:51
basmanAha, so the purpose of the inventory is for entering the opening stock in Tryton ?12:51
sharoonthomasbasman: and making inventory corrections12:52
sharoonthomasbasman: for example, if you took stock in your warehouse and want to adjust the differences, the inventories does the job for you12:53
basmanDifferences in what?, I'm still confused about this.12:56
udonobasman: hi, I guess sharoonthomas meant the real stock levels of goods are sometimes different to the stock levels maintained in the application. This can be of some reasons like 'defect', 'lost', 'found', 'spoilage'...13:29
basmanOkay, brother, I'm still confused in dealing with Financial module, I know how to configure all stuff in that module, but, I still need more information about the ideal configuration for me13:32
basmanAre there any good article, tutorial or any guide containing examples related to Financial module ?13:33
cedksharoonthomas: you can just instanciate the record and call the method14:06
sharoonthomascedk: tried with kwargs, but i guess there was one arg which was not passed14:07
cedksharoonthomas: don't understand14:07
sharoonthomascedk: the issue was there was a missing attribute which was required for the on_change to work and it was not passed14:08
sharoonthomascedk: so the lookup failed14:08
sharoonthomascedk: took some time to figure it out14:08
cedksharoonthomas: yes in 2.6 now, if you don't setup correctly the on_change attribute, you get an error14:09
sharoonthomascedk: got it14:09
oscarHi, somebody is working about the Tryton POS module for last release 2.6?16:21
oscarOr somebody has been trying to migrate POS tryton module to 2.6 version?16:22

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