IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2013-02-18 #tryton log beginning Mon Feb 18 00:00:02 CET 2013
2013-02-18 09:45 <iamnoob> good day, anyone got some spare time here? im having a reference problem in my .xml related to a one2many field.
2013-02-18 11:41 <basman> How to know the receivables due for specific customer ?
2013-02-18 12:10 <phani> Hi Guys, Trying out tryton (2.6). I was looking at the HelloWorld Code, It seems that this has not been updated. Can someone suggest a place to start with
2013-02-18 12:26 <cedk> basman: payable on party form
2013-02-18 12:27 <cedk> phani: you can try the training module on
2013-02-18 13:33 <basman> what is write-off payment ?
2013-02-18 13:49 <sisalp> basman: iiuc, I'm not an accountant, but it is a small amount use to balance a transaction: the customer did not pay the cents, the exchange rate changed a bit ...

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