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prusglajotemiswhere can i find a sample for this case: add new / replace  wizard's button, StateAction17:28
cedkprusglajotemis: I don't think there is such thing in Tryton17:32
cedkprusglajotemis: but it is an attribute like anything else17:33
prusglajotemisso if i have a wizard in one module and I extend that wizard from another module,  can I add  StateAction with the same name and  then  wizard will be registered with new StateAction ?18:09
cedkprusglajotemis: no you must modify the original StateAction in the __setup__ method18:10
prusglajotemiscedk: and I can do that with  StateView, StateTransition, Button in the same way ?18:15
cedkprusglajotemis: yes18:17
prusglajotemiscedk: thank you i wil try it.18:23
prusglajotemisone more question :)18:30
prusglajotemisi have noticed, that classes from other modules are not being imported directly but  can be take them from pool. Is it a bad idea to import them directly.18:30
cedkprusglajotemis: yes because it will break the modularity18:36
prusglajotemiscedk: one more question :))18:43
prusglajotemiswhat is the best way to log only your own write log in terminal ?18:43
cedkprusglajotemis: don't understand18:44
prusglajotemiscedk: i know that there is a way to launch tryton client with a log option, but then too much information is shown in terminal. I want to see only my own module's logs there.18:47

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