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katrHi! A question regarding invoices:15:46
katrIs the line "if amount_currency < _ZERO:" in the get_amount_to_pay method really necessary?15:47
katrThis causes incorrect results for invoice amounts < 0.15:48
cedkkatr: if negative, there is nothing to pay15:53
katrcedk: But there is something to receive :) and this information is useful as well.15:54
basmanHow to print a statement of account for certain customer or party ?15:54
katrbasman: There is a third party balance report.15:55
katrbasman: Is this what you are looking for?15:56
cedkkatr: before changing it, you should look if it is not expected to behave like it does15:57
basmankatr: I know this report, I want a more detailed report for a specific customer15:58
basmankatr: the report must detail the activity of purchase transaction of the customer for example. The third party balance report only shows the payable amount for each customer16:01
katrbasman: You wan't a report which not only includes moves to payable and receivable account but to expense and revenue accounts as well for a specific party?16:03
basmankatr: the third party balance only shows the sum of amounts that should the customer pay for his purchases from the company, however, some customer want to see the details of all purchase operation and the amount due for each transaction, not only the sum of the due amount.16:06
cedkbasman: this should be part of the futurs account_dunning16:08
katrbasman: As a temporary solution you can filter the journal entries by party and cut & paste into your favorite spreadsheet application.16:14
basmancedk: okay, would u please give me a link to this module development page ?16:15
cedkbasman: it is on the wiki16:15
basmankatr: thanks for the solution16:16
katrcedk: Do you really think that this should be in the same module like the dunning run and dunning letter stuff?16:18
basmanI have another issue. Some times we buy goods that should not enter in stock zones, those goods is salable and purchasable some times, but we could consider them as consumables, an example of this is the Oil, salt, tea, coffee that would be consumed by the workers staffs. I want to purchase these goods through purchase module to enter them as expenses into the system, I did the purchase operation and when the shipment operation generated, I canc16:22
basmaneled it and that made it in an EXCEPTION state, I paid the invoice to convert it to paid state. Is there other method or solution to enter such goods cost into the system?16:22
katrbasman: No idea. I'm not very familiar with the purchase module.16:24
cedkbasman: make the shipment !16:25
basmancedk: these are consumable goods, I don't want them to enter the stock storages zones16:25
cedkbasman: what the point !16:26
basmanthat's why, I'm canceling the generated shipments16:26
cedkbasman: don't and let follow the process16:26
basmanWhat will happen if I make the shipment generated for the consumable goods?16:27
basmanwill they enter into the stock or not ?16:27
cedkbasman: yes but how cares16:28
basmancedk: I don't want those good to enter into the stock, I just want them to enter the financial system of the company as expenses.16:32
katrcedk: The negative invoice thing doesn't behave as *I* would expect it. Because currently there is no easy way to get the (residual) amount that should be received for that invoice.16:32
cedkbasman: but why?16:33
basmancedk: are there other methods other than purchase to enter the expenses of the company into the financial system of the company.?16:33
cedkkatr: don'T understand why you do negative invoice, use credit note16:34
basmancedk: those are consumable goods, if they entered the stock via purchase operation, they will not be sold, so, they will not get out of the stock.16:35
katrcedk: IMO this should be symmetric: If it's out-invoice it's receivable amount if it's an in-invoice is a payable amount. If the amount is negative it's reversed. But it's never zero.16:35
cedkbasman: and what the problem ?16:36
cedkkatr: I'm not against but such change should be carefully study16:37
katrcedk: You're right. How?16:37
cedkkatr: by looking everywhere this code is used16:39
katrcedk: I.e. official module?16:39
katrcedk: module?16:40
katrcedk: modules?16:40
basmancedk: let me clarify the issue. suppose you want to purchase some coffee boxes and tea for your company staff to consume it, now, how you'd enter this purchase operation into the system. you see that the coffee and tea will enter the company and will not be sold16:41
cedkkatr: yes16:42
katrcedk: Grepping through the source, I can only find matches in the invoice module and the statement module.16:42
cedkbasman: yes and what is the problem16:43
basmanall purchase operations yields inventory moves, I don't want to move these products into the company's stock16:43
cedkbasman: so the product you purchase never come to the company ?16:45
cedkbasman: where does it go ?16:45
basmanit goes to company staff's places not to company's stock storages zones, got it ?16:47
cedkbasman: what is the difference ?16:47
cedkbasman: we don't care it is consumable16:50
cedkbasman: in some way, it is even assets not goods16:50
basmancedk: So if I purchased a table for some room, should I make same steps and enter it into the stock also?16:52
cedkbasman: why not16:54
cedkbasman: it is owned by the company16:54
cedkbasman: if you want you can make a storage location: office16:55
basmancedk: Sounds good, now suppose I paid for a service, is this considered a purchase operation or what?16:56
basmancedk: suppose I paid salaries to employees, how could I enter these expensed into the system then?16:57
basmancedk: expenses not expensed, sorry.17:00
cedkbasman: do as you want17:07
basmancedk: Salaries could not be entered as a purchase operation, isn't it ?17:09
cedkbasman: depend of your legal requirements17:10
basmancedk: give me the best method to enter salaries expense, no matter what are the legal requirements.17:12
cedkbasman: I can not17:15
ciupicri recommends using the hgnested extension, but unfortunately it doesn't mention how to use it. I was hoping to see a command like for the rest, e.g. $ hg clone
katrciupicri: hg help hgnested18:20
katrciupicri: hg nclone
katrciupicri: You're welcome18:22
flo0Can I make a text field only two rows high?18:50
cedkflo0: only with a constraint on server side19:36
flo0cedk: Ok, so better using two Char fields than messing up with the server if I understand you correctly22:51
cedkflo0: not necessary, I don't know what you try to achieve22:54
cedkflo0: indeed the best is always the solution with the less constraint22:54
flo0cedk: I want to put an address field on the mask. Such a field might take more than one line. Using a text field is too large. Two Char fields will do the job if there is no easy other solution.23:02

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