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devlabhow can I package Tryton as an RPM file?08:03
PilouIs there a difference between "Eval('active', True)" used by Template.purchasable and "Eval('active')" used by Template.purchase_uom ( ?16:03
cedkPilou: yes, if active is not there the first will be True and the second False16:27
cedkPilou: moreover the type checking will see the first one as a boolean and the second as a string16:27
PilouIn this particular, isn't the 'active' field always here (because defined in product.template model) ?16:31
cedkPilou: depends where and when it is used16:31
devlabCan tryton be packaged as an RPM?19:55
cedkdevlab: it is packages in fedora:*19:57
devlabcedk: I've looked up tryton for openSUSE, and I wonder how to package tryton as an RPM19:59
ralf58Hi, depending on the product, I want to use the list-price stored in the product-template or use an calculated one. Therefore I defined a function-field in product named list-price.20:49
ralf58In the product-form view this works okay, but in the tree-view always the list-price from template is used. How can I force tryton to call the getter-function in tree view, too?20:49
ralf58okay, I found it. There is no list_price in tree view, only list_price_ uom21:12

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