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jonanWonder if this is an Anglosaxon bug or misunderstanding. Create a supplier invoice using a product having unit_cost=$400 (average product.cost_price=$300) the moves for inventory value show: Dr:Stock-Supplier $300 Cr:Expense $300. Product.cost_price is used instead of invoice unit price. Is this correct ?12:46
cedkjonan: you must edit the price of supplier move when you receive it12:58
cedkjonan: there is not post-invoice synchronisation13:01
jonanBut this is before any receiving. This are moves created on invoice. Is it correct to use average product.cost_price instead of purchase unit_price ?13:08
jonanThe shipment receive moves have expected amount. Invoice doesnt.13:09
cedkjonan: I don't understand13:14
jonanIf I have a product with cost_price of $300. Then I purchase 1 unit at $400. These are the moves generated by opening supplier invoice:13:24
jonanAcc Payable         Cr $40013:24
jonanAcc Expense         Dr $40013:24
jonanAcc Stock Supplier  Dr $30013:24
jonanAcc Expense         Cr $30013:24
jonanIs this correct ? Shouldnt they all be the purchase unit price of $400 ?13:25
cedkjonan: it depends of the price on this stock move13:26
cedkjonan: the module uses the cost price if it can not find stock move which is for me logical because cost price is the average price of the product in the stock13:29
jonanThen it must not be finding the stock moves because they exist. Yes the cost price is the average but doesn't make sense for me to increase stock valuation on input by average but instead by actual value or purchase.13:44
cedkjonan: it takes only done move13:45
cedkjonan: if we don't have any information about the cost, we should guess13:46
cedkjonan: it is what happens when you invoice before receiving goods13:46
jonanThat is my case. Most of the time I must pay before getting any shipment. Let me try receiving first to see if any difference.13:47
jonanOk    ~.~.~..14:00
jonanOk looks like that works if I receive first but found another currency conversion bug like before. Second currency amount is used on invoice moves.14:02
jonanThe stock-supplier to expense portion of it.14:03

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