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katrcedk: The analytic invoice module uses the invoice date instead of the accounting date. Is this intentional?11:34
katrcedk: I mean it uses the invoice date for the created analytic lines.11:36
cedkkatr: accounting date was added later on invoice so I guess analytic module was not updated11:47
katrcedk: O.K. thanks!11:48
cedkkatr: please submit an issue/patch11:53
katrcedk: I will.11:54
oscar_alvHi, Devs What is the difference between sequence and sequence stric?15:33
cedkoscar_alv: strict lock the table15:37
oscar_alvCedk: thanks I understand15:38
katrI want to do some basic financial analysis with Tryton.15:58
katrI think there should be some generic framework to define financial ratios like liquidity, profitability etc.15:59
katrWhat do you think?15:59
oscar_alvI think is great...16:16
oscar_alvKatr: I think is great... Are you economist?16:16
katroscar_alv: No I'm not. I just have some basic knowledge. :(16:18
oscar_alvkatr: me neither16:26
katroscar_alv: Any ideas on how to implement it?16:26
oscar_alvkatr: I done several tryton modules, but if you want can do it in Bitbucket a blueprint and work both16:28
katroscar_alv: Sounds good, but I would like to have some discussion in advance to get it toward a direction that is useful for a broad range of people.16:32
oscar_alvkatr: Yes, you are right, put the topic in the mail list for contrib and developers16:37
katrcedk: Regarding your code review: This coding style applies to all binary operator or just boolean ones?19:02
cedkkatr: indeed all19:20
cedkkatr: we find less readable when the operator is at the end19:21
katrcedk: O.K. Will update the wiki.19:21
PilouIsn't the wiki deprecated ?19:24
katrcedk: Can you briefly explain with how many spaces continued lines should be indented? Looking at e.g. the invoice module I can find 4, 8, 12 even 16 :)?19:27
cedkkatr: always 419:33
cedkkatr: 4 per braket level of course19:34
katrcedk: And 8 if it's indistinguishable from the next block?19:35
cedkPilou: yes, I think content should go in doc or website20:49
giedriushi guys22:24
giedriusdid you notice the lag in lists with more than 100 items on gtk client?22:25
giedriusi suspect that the problem appeared because of gtk3 (afaik tryton is still gtk2)22:26
giedriusThe lag is even worse on trees. For example if I expand the chart of accounts with >100 accounts visible, next action takes more than 10 secs (scrolling, expending, folding, selecting)22:30
cedkgiedrius: are you sure it is not just the network queries22:32
cedkgiedrius: because if you scroll on larger list, client has to fetch data to show22:32
giedriusdoes the client issue a query when scrolling on lists?22:33
giedriusah, i see22:33
cedkgiedrius: yes it could22:33
giedriuscedk: but, for example, if i scroll down, then the scrolling up should not use any network traffic?22:35
cedkgiedrius: depends22:36
cedkgiedrius: it really depends on what gtk tried to display22:37
giedriuscedk: is it possible to see send/received queries by debug gtk client?22:43
cedkgiedrius: -v22:44
giedriuscedk: thanks22:44
giedriuscedk: i've checked. It was false alarm on 10secs for scrolling (10secs takes expending/folding which depends on network), but still it lags when scrolling (screen changes 1 time per sec) and i see no queries are sent.22:49
cedkgiedrius: sometimes it is also slow on bad supported video drivers22:50
giedriuscedk: maybe it could be the problem of gtk3 + gnome-shell?22:51
giedriuscedk: when the screen is scrolled, tryton takes ~100cpu, while xorg process does not have any changes in cpu22:54
cedkgiedrius: could you test with an other GTK2 application?23:13
basmanIf there is a bug in a module of some version of Tryton that is fixed in a newer version, then, how to patch the file contains the bug?23:30
cedkbasman: which bug?23:33
cedkbasman: it was backported to 2.623:39
basmancedk: shall I modify the directly, or there is another way to update or patch the file ?23:43
basmancedk: how to update ?23:51

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