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basmancedk: I installed Tryton with packages using pip, then, can I update it to the latest release ?00:02
basmanI'm now using 2.6.200:05
basmanit seems the 2.6.3 has the bug fixed00:06
basmanhow could I delete a product from the list of products?10:23
basmanhow to delete a product?10:40
basmanI added some products, then, I realized that I could use another types instead of them, so, I want to delete those products, can I?, how?10:52
basmanare there an answer ?11:20
basmanit is very confusing being unable to delete a product11:46
basmanhow to cancel an opened invoice ?12:08
basmancedk: how to cancel an opened invoice ?12:53
udonobasman: hi, you can delete a product with ctrl-d or by choosing 'delete' from the menu. But when the product is used already, it can not be deleted this easy.13:02
udonobasman: An open invoice can't be cancelled, it must be reversed with a credit note.13:04
basmanudono: when I tried to delete a product, I got this message: "You can not modify line from an invoice that is opened, paid!", is there a solution ?13:23
cedkbasman: you can not delete a product if it is used on an invoice13:25
udonobasman: No, you can not delete a product which is used in an opened invoice. But you can uncheck the active field on product.13:26
cedkbasman: just use the logical deletion by setting the product as inactive13:26
basmanudono: what is the logic of using credit note to reverse or to cancel an opened invoice, I mean, when we open an invoice, then, it will appear in receivable line of specific party, How I could resolve this problem, give the the steps to reverse the invoice or to cancel it using the credit note.13:29
udonobasman: maybe this helps:
udonobut tryton only has credit note, not cancellation.13:56
basmanudono: then how to reverse the invoice into the financial module, I mean, how to tell Tryton that this invoice is no longer valid ....etc. you got what I mean?14:01
udonobasman: you can do it with a credt note for now. But Tryton does not provide a way to delete an opened invoice.14:07
basmanudono: so if I use a credit note, will the receivable line still be shown for invoiced customer?14:13
udonobasman: I don't understand.14:18
basmanudono: when we right-click on a specific party> relate> receivable lines>, then I will get a list of amounts and invoices receivables from that customer, when a specific opened invoice returned, and the shipment returned, then I want to remove the receivable line from that customer record, because that amount is no longer should be paid due to the cancelation of the returned goods or invoice.14:26
udonobasman: Ok now understand. Yes, I think the receivable will be recalculated. But when testing, it is always good to make a database backup. In case of problems you can reset the state before the problem.14:30
basmanudono: there is a bug in 2.6.2 Tryton that was fixed in 2.6.3 version, I installed Tryton using pip. Now, what shall I do to update the version or to patch it in order to fix that bug?14:36
udonobasman: you can wait until the expected version is released. Or you can try a developer installation from the mercurial repositories. In the wiki you'll find explanations for a developer setup.14:39
basmanudono: I have Tryton installed and working in a company and this bug is making us unable to partial payments for an invoice, I need to find a method to fix the bug.14:41
udonobasman: I do not recommend this, but you can try to fix the bug by apply the patch on your installed files.14:43
basmanudono: u mean that I should modify the file "" directly by editing it using any text editor ?14:45
udonobasman: not that I would recmomend this... yes.14:45
basmanudono: what could be the risks ?, the consequences ?14:46
udonobasman: ... hard to speculate about, all depends on your knowledge.14:56
udonobasman: I do not recommend this, because it is hard to trace back what went wrong in case of problems. So I recommend when developing Tryton, it is good to use a developing environment.14:59
basmanudono: what if I use this command: pip install Trytond --update , will this upgrade the version to the latest fixed one?15:02
udonobasman: let me see...15:02
udono is the latest version on pypi. Is this what you need?15:03
basmanudono: yes I think so, because the version installed on my server is 2.6.2 I think15:04
basmanudono: do you recommend to update Tryton server using "pip install Trytond --update" alon, or shall I update all installed modules using same command or shall I update just the module with the bug which is account_invoice module ?15:06
udonobasman: so you can use: pip install --upgrade trytond_account_invoice15:06
udonobasman: this I recommend.15:06
basmanudono: to sum things up: I will execute "just" the command "pip install --upgrade trytond_account_invoice-2.6.3 (latest release)" or shall I upgrade all modules with Tryton server ?15:11
udonobasman: you can do both. Maybe ask your boss what he want.15:15
cedkudono: what is the status of issue3022 ?15:28
basmanudono: he wants to fix the bug to make a partial payments on some invoices, tell me the best and non risky method to upgrade please.15:30
udonobasman: so I would just upgrade the module which solves the problem.15:44
udonocedk: I'll give it another test.15:57
cedkbasman, udono: FYI cancellation of invoice will be in 2.815:58
basmancedk: current version is 2.6, next is 2.7, then 2.8 ....  we should wait some time then :D , thx for the great efforts guys.16:10
basmanI really appreciate your efforts brothers16:11
udonobasman: next is 2.8 coming next month.16:14
basmangreat !16:14
basmanBy the way, few days ago, cedk told me to create location called "office location" as an example to store the assets of the company's office that I purchase from some suppliers. the problem is, when I created the Office Zone, I tried to buy a table for example and make a shipment for it and put it inside Office Zone, but I was unable to choose a zone other than Storage Zone to store the product which is a table, shall I create the Office Zone in16:26
basman a separate warehouse and make it as its main Storage Zone or are there other solutions ?16:26
cedkbasman: your location should be under the warehouse storage for inventory move from supplier shipment16:28
basmanthe problem is that for specific warehouse, Tryton assumes that there is only one Storage Location16:28
basmanWhat if I want the Office Zone to be under the same warehouse that Storage Location is under ?16:29
basmanwhat if I made the parent for Office Zone is my main warehouse, and want to store products in it, while that warehouse already has a Storage Location ?16:30
basmanthe problem that, when we create a warehouse, there should be for that warehouse, INPUT, OUTPUT and  one STORAGE ZONE16:31
basmanwhat If I want to store things inside location other than these 3 locations and that location is under same warehouse that these 3 locations is under16:32
udonocedk:  done16:49

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