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prusglajotemiscedk: Missing BOMs page in Product form.10:30
prusglajotemiscedk: where can I find it ?10:34
cedkprusglajotemis: did you installed the production module?10:44
prusglajotemiscedk: yes10:45
prusglajotemiscedk:  also I update source from trunk10:46
navishello tryton world11:56
navisI have created an inventory using proteus, how can I 'confirm' it so that it actually creates the moves ?11:56
cedknavis: call the confirm button12:01
cedkprusglajotemis: I guess you did not see that bom was move inside the variants and no more has a tab in the template12:01
naviscedk: how do I do that ?12:02
naviscedk: it appears in the client, but I'd like to do it via proteus to automate all my import procedure12:04
cedknavis: like for any buttons:
naviswhen I do «Inventory.confirm([])», I get «IndexError: list index out of range»12:14
navisinventory is my inventory, and is the right index12:16
cedknavis: missing the context12:17
naviscedk: thanks a lot, seems to do something... still waiting for the conclusion...12:28
prusglajotemiscedk: Now I see BOMs . I  just forgot upgrade modules.12:41
prusglajotemiscedk: Another question. if i add new required field in existing model, how can i update data (to fill field) then upgrading module ?12:44
cedkprusglajotemis: in the __register__ method12:48
naviscedk: is it normal that confirming a 900 lines inventory is still running more than half an hour after launch ?12:49
naviscedk: python is using one full core at 100%, and postgres seems sleeping12:50
cedknavis: I can say nothing about that12:50
navisfrom what I read in the code, it has to create 900 moves12:52
navisis this such an expensive operation ?12:53
navisis there a way to have a look at what it is doing ?12:53
cedknavis: just debug the code12:53
cedknavis: I don't which version you are running but there are improvement in trunk12:54
naviscedk: it is 2.612:54
naviscedk: wow it just ended12:55
naviscedk: all seems fine, it was just excruciatingly slow :-)12:55
cedknavis: at first sight, there are room for improvement there12:57
naviscedk: I'm learning python while transitionning my current system to tryton, I plan to contribute my modifications back when they are useable, and continue to contribute what I can13:00
ralf58cedk: Do you want me to append the patch to the issue3091?13:23
cedkralf58: I want to test the behavior on sale_shipment_cost before13:26
udonoHi, do we have an example for wizards type 'window'? Does this conception still exist? see
udonoThe concept seems to exist:
udonoPlease forget my question, I will find an example...13:38
udono... production/bom.xml13:39
cedkprusglajotemis: indeed I just see that boms field visibility depend on type which is no more on product but on the template14:35
prusglajotemiscedk: thanks14:55
mrechteHello. What's the reason of account.move.line state field ? Why not a function field on the account.move that would compute the lines state (viz. move is balanced or not) ?15:13
ozmeisterHi everybody. I like Tryton, and I'm looking to implement Tryton/GNU Health at a client of mine. Does Tryton have the ability to produce an 'Aged Receivables' Report, sorted by oldest receivables?16:46
cedkozmeister: take a look at the aged balance report16:49
ozmeistercedk: Thanks, I'll check it out16:53
ozmeistercedk: Thanks, I saw it :)...Is there anyway to output the reports, and trial balance etc, to spreadsheet?17:01
coepsHi, is it possible to get a dump of the demo_db of the demoserver. I would like to use if for "debug-learning"17:02
cedkcoeps: here is the script that generate it:
cedkozmeister: you can change the template for a ods one17:05
coepscedk: cool, thanks17:06
ozmeistercedk: Thanks :)17:09
coepsHi, is it possible to restrict objects in a one2many list to a certain type of the target model when creating the target items in the client=?18:09
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mrechteCould somebody kindly explain the following code portion from in class GeneralLedger(Report):19:32
mrechte        with Transaction().set_context(19:32
mrechte                fiscalyear=data['fiscalyear'],19:32
mrechte                periods=start_period_ids,19:32
mrechte                posted=data['posted']):19:32
mrechte            start_accounts = Account.browse(accounts)19:32
plantian1mrechte: I looked at the code and I don't really get it search, maybe it has to to do with the property functions using variables from the context.20:57
plantian1*get it either20:57
plantian1How can I skip many2one rows which have been deleted in a list of a model?  I seem to get this error when trying to loop over the rows-- You try to read records that don't exist anymore!  (Document type: inventory.line)21:13

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