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2013-03-25 10:49 <cedk> udono: you can remove the wiki page by yourself normally
2013-03-25 10:51 <udono> cedk: ok
2013-03-25 11:07 <udono> cedk: Should it be in the same patch?
2013-03-25 11:08 <cedk> udono: better 2 separate patches because one should be backported
2013-03-25 11:13 <udono> cedk: k
2013-03-25 14:47 <basman> I have updated Tryton from version 2.6.2 to version 2.6.3, using pip, I already has my database full of data like products, invoices .....etc. then I tried to make a sales order, once the sale order processed I tried to open the generated draft invoice, when I hits open I got an error from file and I'm unable to open the invoice, nor to print the invoice report since I'm getting an error too
2013-03-25 14:53 <katr_> basman: It's difficult to help you if you don't provide a traceback.
2013-03-25 14:57 <basman> katr_: here it is:
2013-03-25 15:00 <cedk> basman: probably the odt template is corrupted
2013-03-25 15:10 <udono> cedk: I found a bigger count of issues what to do?
2013-03-25 15:19 <basman> cedk: not only the invoice report can't be generated in any state of invoice, in addition, I can't even make the invoice in state OPEN. Now if I reloaded the default invoice odt template, do u think both issues would be solved?
2013-03-25 15:19 <cedk> udono: most of them are not issue
2013-03-25 15:35 <basman> cedk: shall I reset the default invoice odt template. I was using customized one before upgrading Tryton and it was working fine.
2013-03-25 16:00 <basman> cedk: I can't print sale report either, I haven't changed the template of sale report before and it can't be generated meaning that the reason is not the odt template corruption.
2013-03-25 16:01 <basman> cedk: see this pic:
2013-03-25 16:05 <basman> It's very critical to resolve this issue please
2013-03-25 16:12 <basman> any answer?
2013-03-25 16:14 <katr_> basman: If it's critical you should consider professional service
2013-03-25 16:16 <basman> katr_: so, no answer ?
2013-03-25 16:20 <basman> udono:
2013-03-25 16:21 <katr_> basman: Аs I'm not able to reproduce it, I'm afraid I can't help you.
2013-03-25 16:21 <basman> katr_: thanks
2013-03-25 16:23 <rpit> In an 'on-change'-event I remove some records of an related 0ne2many-field. Seems correct, because in the client they are no longer shown. But after saving the main record they are back again. Is this behaviour known or intended?
2013-03-25 16:32 <cedk> rpit: normally no
2013-03-25 16:32 <cedk> rpit: how do you remove them?
2013-03-25 16:32 <mrechte> Hi. I created a new user (development version), but when I try to connect I get: Connection error!
2013-03-25 16:32 <mrechte> Bad username or password!
2013-03-25 16:35 <cedk> mrechte: did you update the database?
2013-03-25 16:36 <mrechte> cedk: yes I did. Also tried to reset the new user's password.
2013-03-25 16:38 -!- basman( has left #tryton
2013-03-25 16:40 <xman> unable to print any kind of report after Tryton update and using previous DB
2013-03-25 16:45 <xman>
2013-03-25 16:46 <xman> Can I raise a bug for this issue ?
2013-03-25 16:49 <xman>
2013-03-25 16:52 <cedk> xman: did you at least try to open the templates ?
2013-03-25 16:55 <xman> cedk: I didn't change any of reports template except that of invoice, which I was able to generate it before I updated Tryton
2013-03-25 16:56 <xman> I open them, no corruption
2013-03-25 16:56 <xman> It seems that the error is related to the language encoding or something like this
2013-03-25 16:57 <xman> I enter my data in a language other than English, everything was going fine before upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3
2013-03-25 16:58 <cedk> xman: go back to 2.6.2
2013-03-25 16:58 <xman> cedk: 2.6.2 has a bug in account_invoice module, I made the upgrade to fix that bug
2013-03-25 17:01 <cedk> xman: if you have updated only account_invoice, it could not have broke all the reports
2013-03-25 17:04 <xman> cedk: I'm using pip, I've executed: pip install --upgrade account_invoice, then, pip "for debendency meet reason" upgraded other packages/modules also, then, Tryton wasn't able to work again, then, I uninstalled and reinstalled all packages and modules again in order to get it work again. Once I tried to generate an invoice I got the mentioned issue.
2013-03-25 17:06 <cedk> xman: restore your backup
2013-03-25 17:07 <xman> cedk: if you mean the DB backup, I restored it and I still getting same error
2013-03-25 17:08 <cedk> xman: I mean file backup
2013-03-25 17:08 <cedk> xman: go back to a state where it works and redo change one by one
2013-03-25 17:09 <xman> cedk: which file you mean? I didn't understand actually
2013-03-25 17:11 <cedk> xman: I mean restore your system in know working state
2013-03-25 17:12 <xman> cedk: u mean the whole Operating System ?
2013-03-25 17:12 <cedk> xman: also did you upgrade Genshi ?
2013-03-25 17:13 <xman> cedk: Yes, all modules uninstalled and reinstalled again because pip install the latest version automatically
2013-03-25 17:14 <cedk> xman: I don't understand what you mean
2013-03-25 17:15 <xman> cedk: yes Genshi has been upgraded
2013-03-25 17:17 <cedk> xman: which version?
2013-03-25 17:18 <xman> cedk: how could I know?, it has been installed automatically by "pip"
2013-03-25 17:20 <xman> cedk: I think it's 0.7
2013-03-25 17:20 <cedk> xman:
2013-03-25 17:22 <rpit> cedk: I remove them in a dictionary with fieldname (valuesT) and the id's in a list: dict: {'valuesT': {'add': [], 'remove': [49, 50]}}
2013-03-25 17:23 <cedk> rpit: so on save it should remove them
2013-03-25 17:24 <rpit> Yes, but the client doesn't send the remove-action back to the server, although not showing them after the remove on the client side.
2013-03-25 17:25 <xman> cedk: what should I do to solve the issue, the link you've givin me seems a different problem
2013-03-25 17:25 <cedk> xman: downgrade to a working version of Genshi
2013-03-25 17:26 <xman> cedk: how to do this using pip and which version please
2013-03-25 17:28 <cedk> xman: RTFM of pip
2013-03-25 19:02 <udono> cedk: #tryton-commit does no longer show issue creation...
2013-03-25 19:32 <cedk> udono: it will, it takes time
2013-03-25 20:06 <plantian1> Hey guys, when I set on_change_with if I need those fields inside the method I also need to add them to depends right?
2013-03-25 20:06 <plantian1> Or will they automatically be set?
2013-03-25 20:42 <cedk> plantian1: no, normally they are added automaticly
2013-03-25 20:43 <plantian1> cedk: Okay, thanks, I think it must be another problem.
2013-03-25 21:21 <xman> how to figure out how many KG (assuming unit measure is KG) the company sold to a specific party or customer for a specific period or month ?
2013-03-25 21:27 <cedk> xman: you must write your own report
2013-03-25 21:35 <xman> cedk: are there documentation about this?
2013-03-25 21:47 <xman> cedk: i found some documentation to write specific reports.
2013-03-25 21:52 <giedrius> cedk: did you remember, yesterday evening we were talking about tree view slowness of gtk client? Today, i've written simple gtk2 app to draw a tree view with more than 1000 items. It renders without any problem, no slowness at all. Also tried one gtk3 app with complex tree view and >2000 lines. The tree size does not affect the performance. It runs without any visible lag.
2013-03-25 21:55 <giedrius> cedk: tryton gtk client starts to lag at 50-100 lines, and if you extend the nodes till 300 lines or more it becomes almost not usable (10 secs or more to scroll the page)
2013-03-25 21:55 <giedrius> guys, maybe someone of you noticed this too?
2013-03-25 21:57 <plantian1> giedrius: Is the tree nested or just a regular list of records?
2013-03-25 21:57 <giedrius> plantian1: it is nested. Actually i'm speaking about the chart of accounts
2013-03-25 21:59 <plantian1> giedrius: You have 1000 accounts?
2013-03-25 22:01 <giedrius> plantian1: i have ~400. I just tested other gtk app with more than 1000 lines..
2013-03-25 22:01 <cedk> giedrius: if you are speaking about the chart of account, I guess it is the debit/credit/balance computation that is slow
2013-03-25 22:02 <giedrius> cedk: I run tryton with -v, and i see no queries are sent
2013-03-25 22:03 <giedrius> cedk: or maybe these calculations are done on the client side?
2013-03-25 22:06 <giedrius> cedk: btw, i'm on the account configuration nested tree form, so no calculations are visible, so i guess, nothing is calculated, I do only see 3 columns there: Name, Company and Type
2013-03-25 22:15 <giedrius> cedk: just checked openerp gtk client (6.0.4). When the whole NL chart is extended, it becomes not so smooth like other gtk apps, but still usable enough (smoothness is comparable with list views on tryton)
2013-03-25 22:17 <giedrius> *not so smooth like other gtk apps,
2013-03-25 22:17 <giedrius> sorry, *not so smooth compared other gtk apps*
2013-03-25 22:20 <giedrius> it is crazy, even selecting elements on tree view takes 50% cpu (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz)
2013-03-25 22:31 <plantian1> giedrius: I don't have many accounts but I have a lot of locations and I see the scrolling is a bit slow but not 10 seconds, just not smooth.
2013-03-25 22:39 <giedrius> plantian1: try to spin the mouse scroll wheel harder and you end up waiting till the scrolling is finished, and in that time you cannot do anything else as the screen is locked till the scrolling ends.
2013-03-25 23:54 <xman> when an invoiced is in state "OPEN", there is an option to credit that invoice, using the button CREDIT, what is the logic of this, what will happen when I credit the invoice?

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