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plantianhey guys, is it possible to tell if caching is disabled in the client?00:53
mrechteHello, what makes the delete button visible on a form ? Thanks10:39
mrechteCan the main toolbar be customized on a view, for instance adding a button ?12:03
corromrechte: You can define your own actions, relates and reports which are then accessible from the toolbar12:08
mrechtecorro: you mean from the "launch action" button drop down list ?12:11
corromrechte: yes. that's the closest you come to a custom button12:13
mrechtecorro: thanks12:13
corromrechte: you're welcome12:13
giedriusi see, that FIFO is pretty broken on tryton13:48
giedrius2.8 have problem described in issue3138, and 2.6 becomes broken after Force Assign (on customer shipment)13:49
giedriusmaybe it could be good idea to make separate table for FIFO move tracking13:51
giedriusit could also help implement feature which updates production costs when the invoice is received after stocks are already in production13:53
giedriusit is the case when the received invoice differs from purchase order, so stock values must be changed too13:55
cedkgiedrius: it is just a matter of writing test scenario13:58
giedriuscedk: what do you think about idea to create a table which would be used to make relation between fifo moves and quantities13:59
cedkgiedrius: don't see any point13:59
giedriuscedk: but what about situation when like i described above?13:59
cedkgiedrius: doesn't change anything14:00
cedkgiedrius: if you want to have re-evaluation of cost, you need to implement it14:00
giedriuscedk: in reality there are such situations when you produce product, then you sell, then it is returned, and only after that you receive invoice which have different cost prices of materials used in production14:01
cedkgiedrius: yes but having one or two tables doesn't change anything14:02
giedriuscedk: yes, i'm planning to implement cost re-evaluation, but now thinking about easiest/best way14:03
giedriuscedk: having separate table to chain stock moves would increase performance of cost re-evulation or finding cost prices for FIFO moves14:04
giedriuscedk: and one more thing, cost re-evulation should be made as separate module or on top of stock module?14:06
giedriuswhat is your idea14:06
cedkgiedrius: I don't get you with the performance14:12
cedkgiedrius: I think it should be a separate module, only a few users need it14:13
giedriuscedk: currently, if you sell or use stock in production, no relation are made with between this move and stock move which was created on purchase (or production). That means when you update cost price of "source stock move" you need walk around all stock table to find all stock move which used "source stock move" to determinate the cost price14:21
giedriuscedk: basically, to accomplish this task you need to recreate all chains between all previous moves (maybe not all but most) by using FIFO quantity14:24
cedkgiedrius: I don't agree14:26
cedkgiedrius: there is no link between the incoming move and the production mov14:26
cedkgiedrius: for production, you have to use the cost price of the product14:27
giedriuscedk: yes, if i understand correctly, the cost price on production is selected pretty same as it is done on outgoing shipment14:30
cedkgiedrius: yes, the cost at the moment the production was done14:31
giedriuscedk: thats why i'm talking about separate table, to make relation between moves, so by having it, it would be possible to determinate which move was used for selecting cost price14:32
cedkgiedrius: but you can not14:33
cedkgiedrius: except if you use fifo then it will use _update_fifo_out_product_cost_price14:33
giedriuscedk: yes, i'm talking only about FIFO as it is basically a single cost method used for stocks in my country14:35
giedriuscedk: currently, in tryton, there is no chaining between FIFO moves14:36
giedriuscedk: but it is nice thing to have, because it allows to develop nice features, like cost re-evulation14:37
giedriusi have to go now, will be back in 30mins14:41
cedkgiedrius: about link, I think it could be easily implemented in product_cost_fifo16:34
cedkgiedrius: it is a matter to link the moves used in the method _update...16:35
giedriuscedk: yes, exactly. I'm planning to implement this. How do you think, is it better to make it as separate module or inside product_cost_fifo?16:54
cedkgiedrius: it could be inside product_cost_fifo16:57
cedkgiedrius: but it should take migration in the plan16:58
cedkgiedrius: by the way, it will be great if you can test the patch16:59
mrechteIn an account move form an existing record having 2 move lines, the user just updates one field on one of the move lines (the debit) . When saving, the client sends to the server: model.account.move.write(... , [41],  {'lines': [('add', [50, 49]), ('write', [49], {'credit': Decimal('0.0'), 'debit': Decimal('1')})] }, ...17:13
mrechteWhy is it sending ('add', [50, 49]) ? those records where already existing17:13
giedriuscedk: which one?17:34
cedkgiedrius: about fifo17:47
giedriuscedk: do you mean review781002?17:49
cedkgiedrius: yes17:50
giedriuscedk: yeah, sure will check17:50
ozmeisterHi all. I noticed that the Tryton client on Windows has a button before the tab title with options allowing import and export, launch actions etc. I can't see it on my Ubuntu box. Am I missing something?17:52
nicoeozmeister: this is ubuntu special dbus menu shit17:55
cedkmrechte: because client don't know if they are linked or not to the parent17:56
ozmeisternicoe: Thanks. How do I get rid of it?17:57
cedkozmeister: search on the bugtracker there is the solution17:57
ozmeistercedk: Will do. Thanks17:58
mrechtecedk: thanks. It produces a double validation (one for the add, one for the write)18:00
cedkmrechte: mmh, it could be improved on the server side to not add if already added18:01
mrechtecedk: I would have sought the opposite, the client recording the fact the records are existing or not !18:03
cedkmrechte: difficult to know on the client side18:04
cedkmrechte: moreover if there is edition conflict we want to detect it18:04
ozmeisternicoe: I've ran the script, but it seems to be looking for 'tryton-icon.png' in '/usr/share/pixmaps/tryton', which doesn't exist :)18:17
nicoeozmeister: I pointed you to the two lines that do the trick in the tryton that will soon be published18:20
nicoeozmeister: in fact it sets an environment variable to disable the dbusmenu from ubuntu18:20
ozmeisternicoe: Yeah, I just saw that os.environ call :)18:22
ozmeisternicoe: Thanks18:22
ozmeisternicoe: Worked. Thanks :)18:25
nicoeozmeister: you're welcome18:25
plantianDoes anyone have any tips on improving tryton performance?22:33

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