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plantianIs it possible to detect if the client cache is on or not?00:22
cedkplantian: it is always except if you start it with -d00:40
giedriuscedk: i'm trying to write test scenario for fifo moves, but i don't know the best way to do it.
cedkgiedrius: I'll be back in 1-2 hours09:58
giedriuscedk: what is the best practice: create company, currency, etc inside this test scenario or use test scenarios of company module for example09:59
giedriuscedk: okay09:59
cedkgiedrius: yes you can look at other scenario11:56
cedkgiedrius: I have updated the codereview12:14
giedriuscedk: but do i need to create all object needed for stock move, like company, currency, etc?12:37
giedriuscedk: i mean, for test scenarion on product_cost_fifo12:38
cedkgiedrius: yes you have to create all needed12:42
giedriuscedk: what could be the problem, that stock moves cannot be created from test scenario13:08
giedriuscedk: UserError: ('UserError', (u'You try to bypass an access rule.\n(Document type: stock.move)', ''))13:08
giedriuscedk: do i need to create a user with full access rights?13:09
cedkgiedrius: perhaps wrong company13:09
giedriuscedk: i have this code
giedriuscedk: company is created on the same test scenario13:10
cedkgiedrius: you should write a scenario instead of unittest13:18
giedriuscedk: what do you mean by scenario?13:18
cedkgiedrius: because you miss all the context/user management that proetus gives13:18
cedkgiedrius: the files starting with scenario_*13:19
giedriuscedk: ok, let me check13:19
giedriuscedk: cool, this looks nice, thanks13:24
giedriuscedk: i have a test scenario, how to attach it to your issue review?13:58
cedkgiedrius: you can't13:58
cedkgiedrius: any way, they will be commit separatly13:58
giedriuscedk: so contribute by another review or commit?13:59
cedkgiedrius: yes do an other review14:04
giedriusech, seems the life is not easy, there is no such a thing as staging on hg :(14:05
giedriuscedk: i guess i cannot put review by ignoring some other changes on repository?14:05
Pilougiedrius: with you can specify files14:07
giedriusPilou: Can I do the same on hg review?14:08
Piloui don't know14:11
cedkgiedrius: you can use mq14:12
giedriuschecking docs now, but seems it's not possible14:12
giedriusseems the easiest way is to copy&paste the file and undo changes14:13
Pilouyou could 'shelve' unwanted modifications (
giedriushm, i get error, Issue creation errors: {'issue': ['This issue is closed (776002)']}14:18
giedriushow to post to the new review?14:18
giedriusah, -c :-)14:19
cedkgiedrius: I guess the scenario works with my patch?14:24
giedriuscedk: unfortunatly, no14:25
sisalphello, is there an asset management module in Tryton ?14:48
cedksisalp: yes in trunk14:49
sisalpwill be included in 2.8 ?14:49
cedksisalp: yes14:51
plantianHey guys is there anything I can tweak on the server to improve performance?  I have a wizard that completes the whole sale workflow automatically and it takes from 30 seconds to over a minute to complete.15:28
cedkplantian: difficult to say, you need to analyse the bottleneck16:12
cedkgiedrius: the scenario doesn't work at least because there are errors in it16:41
cedkgiedrius: I will make comments16:41
giedriuscedk: yeah, lame mistake by me :) but seems it still does not work17:14
giedriusi'll test manually17:14
cedkgiedrius: I think I have a fix17:23
cedkgiedrius: but I see that for the second move it picks the second one fully instead of 1 on the first and 1 on the second17:23
giedriuscedk: or we can wait my implementation using links between fifo moves :)17:30
cedkgiedrius: it will not change anything17:31
giedriuscedk: having links will be more clear implementation and less error prone17:31
cedkgiedrius: no, it is just historical information17:33
cedkgiedrius: it will not fix computation error17:33
giedriuscedk: it depends how it will be done. in my opinion, current implementation makes too much db queries, i think it could be optimized a bit17:36
giedriusi must go now, see you17:38

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