IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2013-04-13 #tryton log beginning Sat Apr 13 00:00:06 CEST 2013
WUDHey Guys! I'm looking for help12:57
WUDI want to communicate with the Tryton JSON RPC server through Javascript to get the version12:57
WUDhow do I do it?12:57
PilouWUD: a bash script from which you could get an idea13:04
WUDThis isn't working for me13:21
WUDcan there by any thing wrong with my configuration? I've really got to get this running asap13:53
WUDany help?15:12
cedkWUD: trytond provides a standard JSON-RPC 1.0:
cedkWUD: you can also look for inspiration here:
cedkWUD: it is the rpc code of the WIP js client based on jQuery15:23
WUDi think it works for me now15:23

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