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pokoliHi, all00:24
pokoliits posible to show a function.One2Many in a form view?00:24
pokoliI tried it but i've got a blank screen00:25
cedkpokoli: there is no reason to not work00:29
pokolicedk: could you point me to some working example, or better I paste my code?00:32
pokolicedk: field definition should contain depends and on_change_with to the fields used inside de  function00:46
cedkpokoli: I don't there is such function field in base00:59
pokoliHere is my code:
pokolicedk: that should work, shouldn't it?01:00
cedkpokoli: yes01:02
cedkpokoli: indeed the shipments have a similar function field01:02
pokolicedk: but it doesn't, i get the blank screen in the client, as if the field doesn't exists01:03
pokolicedk: you're right, that worked if there wasn't a typo in function field, thanks for your help01:14
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