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iamnoobhi,, just wondering...  i have this many2many filed, and on its on_change event. i have updated a certain field on the record,  everything goes fine. but after i added a domain, to filter out some records i dont want to show up on the search record..  the field im updating dont work anymore.. i used psycopg2 to update the records05:40
iamnoobanyone got an idea what went wrong? it only happens when i added a domain on the many2many field05:40
iamnoobor a much wiser idea to do what im trying to do..05:41
iamnoobis there a way i can insert a little code of mine before the actually saving of a record? i mean override the 'save record' part in tryton?07:10
mrechteiamnoob: I think you have to do it in the write / create overridden ModelStorage methods08:11
iamnoobmrechte: hi thanks for the reply, do you any official module that have those kind of events?08:28
iamnoobmrechet: do you know* typo08:28
iamnoobdoes anybody know how i can add a button in tryton? in my view_form? id would like to make a button and when that button is clicked it will run a python method if mine08:52
rpitiamnoob: Look here
iamnoobrpit: hi thanks..  do you have any sample on how to make one? i cant make it work. i keep having problem on the .xml09:41
iamnoobrpit: i was able to make the button show up. but when i push the button it gives me an error10:00
rpitiamnoob: The one I remember: in
tarek_hello people, i'm tring to install tryton, downloaded tryton and postgresql but when adding a user, with "postgres" I fail at it.10:41
tarek_my source for information is
cedktarek_: to install postgresql better to look at PostgreSQL howto10:44
tarek_cedk: ok i'll check that, and come back to you.10:44
iamnoobhi in the domain.. is '[(field',=,'')] ok? i just want to select all those recored that have a null value on a certain field? cause im having problem with this11:06
cedkiamnoob: use None instead of ''11:08
flox[('field', '=', False)]  (maybe?)11:08
iamnoobcedk: ok thanks cedk,   flox: using False will return me nothing.. from what i tested11:08
iamnoobcedk: i tried using None and is show me nothing.. when i use ''   it shows what i needed.. but i dont want to use it because when i do adding a record,removing the same record, then adding it again. (in a many2many) tryton pops an error saying the field in my domain is not the right value.. something like that.. i check that record by double clicking it inside the many2many table.. and i saw11:17
iamnoobthe field is greyed-out11:17
cedkiamnoob: if you want both use an OR11:21
iamnoobcedk: ok thanks, umm another thing.. need some comments on this one..11:27
iamnoobis doing this -->  query = "UPDATE upr_pr SET uprrefnum = %s WHERE  id =%s" %(str(self.arunitcontrolno),dbid)  inside the on_change  of an many2many advisable?11:28
iamnoobi wanted to update a certaing field, of a selected record (on the many2many) on the fly..11:29
cedkiamnoob: on_change are in readonly transaction11:35
iamnoobcedk: soo even if i manage to change the field.. i wont be able to write it (directly in the database)?   sorry for me having soo many question, im trying my best to understand what your saying cedk.11:40
cedkiamnoob: and what about the user that revert is change in the client?11:42
cedkiamnoob: or doesn't save it when closing the tab11:42
cedkiamnoob: the principle of on_change being readonly is not negociable :-)11:42
iamnoobcedk: i see.. i have think of that part too.. thanks for correcting me up cedk11:44
iamnoobcedk: is there a way a can move the Updating query part, before the record is saved?11:45
iamnoobcedk: like overriding the save record event? thats the only place i could think of will do what i need11:45
cedkiamnoob: you can override the create/write methods11:45
iamnoobcedk: are you talking about this one i.e --> @classmethod11:46
iamnoobdef write(cls, upr, vals):11:46
cedkiamnoob: yes11:48
iamnoobcedk: ok alot thanks cedk, for putting me in the right direction :)11:49
tarek_hi, I followed the instructions that come with the tryton-server pachaged at /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian12:27
tarek_now I have a question at the part of creating the database user. What is the username of the following command:12:28
tarek_su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt tryton"12:28
cedktarek_: tryton12:29
tarek_cedk: ah ok12:29
tarek_cedk: what OS are you using for the tryton-server?12:43
cedktarek_: OpenBSD12:44
tarek_and what are the os of the clients12:44
PilouIt works well with GNU\Linux too ;)12:45
Piloutarek_: Binary/packaged clients are available here:
tarek_Pilou: i installed the tryton client from apt-get (kubuntu OS), and it fails to start. Does the link make a difference?13:06
PilouWhat is the error?13:07
tarek_Pilou: I get the bouncing icon near my mouse for a while and then, nothing happens13:08
tarek_Pilou: it also stays for a while on the taskbar and then it simply disappears13:10
Pilourun 'tryton-client' from a terminal in order to check stderr13:10
tarek_here you go:
tarek_i downloaded the tryton-client from the link that you gave me13:13
tarek_and installed it13:13
tarek_uname -r13:14
tarek_am I missing something here...13:23
cedktarek_: probably missing librsvg14:00
tarek_cedk: checked it. it is installed14:07
eriamHello, is there a windows current binary (2.7 branch) ?14:13
cedkeriam: at least not on tryton.org14:28
tarek_cedk: you have any possible sotions for my problem? I get the output on my console when trying to start the client14:30
cedktarek_: is the file exist ?14:34
tarek_cedk: yes14:35
tarek_cedk: the .svg file14:35
cedktarek_: so I will guess gtk is not linked to the librsvg14:37
cedktarek_: what is your OS?14:37
tarek_cedk: kubuntu14:37
cedktarek_: seem to no be alone:
cedktarek_: you could check the output: gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders14:44
tarek_cedk: it isn't installed14:50
cedktarek_: you don't have gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders ?14:53
tarek_cedk: no it isn't apparently there14:54
tarek_cedk: tryting to search for the package, is it this one? libgdk-pixbuf2.0-014:54
cedktarek_: I guess you need it, it should be in gdk-pixbuf14:55
tarek_cedk: what i found is this one libgdk-pixbuf2.0-014:55
tarek_cedk: brb14:56
tarek_cedk: i'm back15:01
tarek_cedk: the only package that could match is "libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0" and installed15:02
cedktarek_: then seems kunbutu doesn't package correctly the stuffs15:02
tarek_ok i'll check with kubuntu then15:07
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eriamcedk: any chance a 2.7 windows binary client lands on ?17:46
cedkeriam: no because we will build 2.8 next week17:50
cedkeriam: we don't have enough manpower to manage to build windows client on trunk development17:50
eriamok np that's a perfectly good reason17:51
eriamso trunk is 2.7 and you will release 2.8 next week -- correct ?17:52
cedkeriam: yes17:54
Piloueriam: you could build your own17:56
eriamPilou: indeed18:07
cedkyangoon, udono: if nobody takes the leadership of the German translation, there will be no update of it for the release18:58
coepsHI, if i have a one2one relation, is the reference the right field to go with?21:44

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