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iamnoobQ: hi i had overided the 'create method' and inserted a code there that 'UPDATES' a column of a record (the column name is 'usedtag'). that record was selected by a Many2One field that has a domain of --> domain=[('usedtag', '=', None)] , now when i try to save the record. it gives me an error of -->> The value of the field "<my many2one field>" on "<some module>" is not valid according to its05:24
iamnoobdomain.          when i check the databse manually, i see that the UPDATE query was made, but i cant saved the record ... i just need it to save the record im editing...05:24
iamnoobhere is a pastebin of a [part of my module : -->
udonoiamnoob: hi, what exactly is <my many2one field> in the error message? Is it "pendingupr"?07:24
udonoiamnoob: The field pendingupr will be saved, when the m2o relation field is None.07:26
iamnoobudono: on your 1st question, yes its pendingupr07:30
iamnoobudono: do you mean, it will only see records that have = None, and will on save records where = None?07:31
iamnoobudono: do you mean, it will only see records that have = None, and will only save records where = None?07:32
iamnoobudono: is it possible to override that rulling? because i really need to make the update Query on the field i have declared on the domain.. or is there any other way of doing this please?07:33
udonoiamnoob: so simply do not use the domain.07:37
udonoiamnoob: More clear: remove the domain and you will not get domain errors.07:38
iamnoobudono: umm,ok , well the reason i used domain is because it filters out the records that is shown when i select the records, thats the only reason i used domains.. is there another way to do it ?07:39
iamnoobudono: this makes my many2on field have the ability not to pick again the same records that has been used by another record.. hope you get what i want to express.. and thankyou for clearing it out to me.. the domain07:41
udonoiamnoob: which version of Tryton you use?07:41
iamnoobudono: im using 2.6.2 client and server07:43
iamnoobudono: im using 2.6.2 client and 2.6.4 server to be exact07:43
udonoiamnoob: yes, thanks.07:44
udonoiamnoob: the problem using domains is to understand it is on field level a forced "constraint" and not only a kind of rule searching records. In your case it could be, that your code reads the items correctly ( is None). But it seems on save is no longer None. So the domain constraint prevents to save the record.07:51
udonoiamnoob: ... but domains are very flexble in Tryton. You can try to implement a domain with a conditional. Like
iamnoobudono: yes that exactly what happen, its just that i really need to save the record even having a domain,, hoping there another way (like the domain) to work only and searching records, but not restrict me from saving the records07:56
udonoiamnoob: you can use a selection field and just search the items.07:57
iamnoobudono you mean override the *def search_rec_name(cls, name, clause):* ?07:58
udonoiamnoob: no, just something like
iamnoobudono: i see, a combobox... then edit  the Type.seacrch([]) ?  on
udonoiamnoob: yes, maybe it is sufficient for the usability, to just select one out of a selection?08:07
iamnoobudono: it may do the job, do the problem will be for the end-users, they may have a hardtime finding the record they needed if there's already hundreds of records to select to.. anyway .. thanks udono.. i may not solve my problem but this gives me other stuffs to try out08:09
iamnoobis there any way i can activate the -->  def search_rec_name(cls, name, clause): when i click on the search record? rather than click the search record then input something on the filter box then enter for it to trigger>08:29
iamnoobQ: in a many2many field     is there any way i can activate the -->  def search_rec_name(cls, name, clause): when i click on the search record? rather than click the search record then input something on the filter box then enter for it to trigger>08:34
iamnoobmy goal is to filter the records right away , rather than show all the records when you click on the 'select records button' , i cant use domains on this part08:37
cedkiamnoob: there is a search entry next to the add button of m2m08:47
iamnoobcedk: anyway i can put a default value on that entry box?08:51
cedkiamnoob: no08:51
iamnoobcedk: is it possible to remove the restriction on the domain? i needed the domain to filter out the records, but its restricting me to save, because i Updated the field i used on the domain..  (via overriding the def create)08:55
cedkiamnoob: no08:56
iamnoobcedk: ok thanks08:57
cedkiamnoob: I think you try to do somethin that doesn't fit the Tryton's logic08:57
iamnoobcedk: yes it seems like that, i just need something to prevent the end users from re-using the same records again and again..08:58
cedkiamnoob: m2m records are unique08:59
iamnoobcedk: i see..09:02
cedkalbertca: you push to fast09:58
cedkbechamel: could you check
bechamelcedk: yes10:15
cedkbechamel: and also
cedkbechamel: I made some comments10:17
coepsHi, I have a general design question: when using multiple functionfields that kind of depend on each other i.e. like an amount, a tax-amount and a sum, is it possible (or advisable) to calculate the SUM as amount + taxamount, (both as well function fields)? all 3 funcitonfilels might be changed in the same on_change operation, so I am worried that the result might be inconsistent because of the order of execution. Do I have to worry?11:07
cedkcoeps: there is the special keywords "names" that will run once the method for many fields11:31
coepscdek: thank you, can you think of a module where names is used? I would like to see an example of the retrund dict: "containing for each names a dictionary with a value for each instance". Thats not quite clear, is it a dict with "name" [list of values] (one per instance)?11:58
cedkcoeps: Party.get_receivable_payable12:02

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