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sisalphello, I'm looking at 2.8 dependencies. Which function uses Levenshtein ?12:04
sisalpand why is openssl no longer required ?12:04
cedksisalp: Levenshtien is used for global search to order by best matching12:07
sisalpcedk: excellent12:08
cedksisalp: and pyOpenSSL is replaced with the builtins of Python12:08
sisalpcedk: thank you12:10
elmo40can i use Tryton as a form of CRM ?16:19
cedkelmo40: if you want, but CRM could mean a lot of things16:20
elmo40customer relations management16:22
elmo40doesnt the online demo work?16:22
elmo40i get a blank page16:22
elmo40basically... i am a small business owner. i am mainly a b2b company dealing with automotive shop equipment. i would like to have a laptop in the service truck that will keep updated customer info (i am a one man show)16:25
elmo40will this do it for me? print up invoices, keep track of inventory and update customer data?16:25
elmo40the main page says yes but i can not get into the demo page to play with it16:26
corroelmo40: you'll need the Tryton client for your OS:
corroelmo40: there is no web client16:27
elmo40debian has an older version in their repo.16:27
elmo402.2.3 i believe16:27
elmo40is it tricky to compile?16:27
udonoelmo40: maybe you look at ?16:28
elmo40nice. thanks :)16:29
cedkelmo40: Tryton seems to fit your requirements16:34
cedkcorro: except if you go to :-)16:35
elmo40it is going to be a mobile work station with invoice printing on the spot:)16:35
elmo40getting paid today is better then waiting in the mail16:35
cedkelmo40: of course you should run the server on it if you don't always have internet access16:36
elmo40are there many improvements from 2.2 to 2.8?16:37
corrocedk: you're one son of a gun xD that's not fully working though or is it?16:37
elmo40i think i can test with 2.2 for now on my home pc and if that works the way i want to then i will get the latest installed on the laptop16:38
cedkelmo40: 2.2 demo server is down16:39
cedkcorro: it is just the last dev version16:39
elmo402.6 is stable?16:39
cedkelmo40: what do you mean?16:40
elmo40 this page has 2.2 and 2.616:40
elmo40should i get 2.6? or are there more modules for 2.2?16:40
elmo40i was just wondering if this was like apache and apache216:41
elmo40having an older, though still updated, version along with a newer16:41
cedkelmo40: every new version is better16:41
cedkelmo40: at least it is the goal16:43
elmo40ok. running the client 2.616:45
elmo40loged into the demo server16:45
udonocedk: Nice link for the web client!16:45
cedkudono: it was the easter-egg :-)16:47
cedkI will try to keep it up to date as far as the dev is compatible with 2.816:47
udonocedk: I guess nobody found it ;-)16:48
udonocedk: nicoe, bechamel: Webclient looks very promising! When did you expect a showcase of X2Many fields?16:50
cedkudono: normally during this month16:51
udonocedk: Cool, thanks!16:51
cedkudono: the internal is already there, it is just about the widget16:51
nicoeudono: in fact I have a small problem with the X2M but the code is almost there.16:53
udonowizards are working, cool16:54
elmo40so far it looks like just what i need :)16:54
elmo40how come i have never heard of this before?16:54
elmo40i have been looking for 3 months for a CRM or mobile invoicing software16:55
nicoeelmo40: we do not make too much noise, it's a pitty …16:59
elmo40i know17:00
elmo40pity for me i have wasted 3 months17:00
nicoeI guess even the word about the new release is not spread effeciently17:00
nicoeAFAIK only linuxfr has talked about it17:01
elmo40i am in Canada17:01
elmo40what is the xml-rpc in the config file?17:02
cedksome years ago, we got some news on a spanish slashdot-like17:02
cedkelmo40: it is a second communication protocol17:03
elmo40ok. so not needed?17:03
elmo40as for timezone, what do i put if i am -5GMT ?17:03
cedkelmo40: no if you don't plan to interconnect with other software17:03
cedkelmo40: the best is to put UTC17:04
elmo40will the invoice times be my computer time?17:04
cedkelmo40: ha no, not necessary17:07
cedkelmo40: indeed you can set the invoice date on the invoice17:07
cedkelmo40: but the system will default set to the UTC date17:08
cedkelmo40: indeed UTC is good if you plan to move or have usage over different timezone17:08
cedkelmo40: UTC will also be needed for webclient17:09
cedkelmo40: by the way, if you are french speaking canadian, there is #tryton-fr channel also17:11
elmo40i could, but french is secondary ;)17:12
elmo40i would be google translating half the conversation, lol17:12
elmo40and no, i wont be using over multiple time zones... canada is huge and ontario only  has one time zone, shared with quebec.17:13
sharoonthomascedk: b-crypt has a BSD license. are you aware of any license issue with it being used in trytond ?17:19
cedksharoonthomas: I don't think17:21
sharoonthomascedk: ok17:21
cedksharoonthomas: as far as it is not embeded in Tryton and license changed17:21
sharoonthomascedk: have you already started work on issue3169 ?17:22
cedksharoonthomas: If I did not change the status: no17:24
sharoonthomascedk: another question regarding the crypt implementation: do you want to implement another field like fields.Sha ?17:49
cedksharoonthomas: why not17:50
sharoonthomascedk: the issue I see if we do that is, bcrypt.hashpw takes two arguments, the password and a salt generated using bcrypt.salt17:54
sharoonthomascedk: and Field.sql_format where we expect the conversion to take place only provides 1 value (the value of the password field in this case)17:54
cedksharoonthomas: so it must be a Function field17:55
mrechteHello. I am not clear on how tax lines are generated for an invoice. For instance an invoice has two lines that generate tow tax lines. When posting it seems to me that account_tax_line has got the wrong data: 3 rows are inserted. Is that normal ?18:08
cedkmrechte: it is impossible to answer, we don't have enough information18:11
cedkmrechte: do both taxes have codes ?18:13
mrechtecedk: In account_move_line, line 518 generated (tax) line 520, line 519 generated line 521. In account_tax_lines I have 3 rows with move_line values: 518, 520 and 52118:17
cedkmrechte: I don't understand18:18
cedkmrechte: if you don't point to what you think is wrong nobody will look at it18:25
mrechtecedk: I would have expected 2 rows with move_line values: 518 and 519.18:27
cedkmrechte: I guess you have a base code18:29
cedkmrechte: or tax code18:34
cedkmrechte: tax lines are generated if there is a code18:34
elmo40where do i change my tax code? we dont use VAT in Canada, we have HST18:35
cedkelmo40: you can put your code in the vat field18:36
elmo40but it still says VAT, not HST18:36
cedkelmo40: who cares?18:37
cedkelmo40: you can change the report template if you want18:37
mrechtecedk: sorry, I don't understand the doc regarding tax. It seems complex. Is there some more underground info ?18:41
elmo40where is the template stored? id like to add my company logo and such :)18:44
sharoonthomascedk: i see that the Sha field supports search but b-crypt is not going to do that. Is that fine ?18:48
elmo40umm... this may sound trivial but how do i create my first database? i read the page for tryton-server and said to do a 'postgres -c "creatuser......." but the output says postgres is unknown program.19:08
elmo40i have postgres9.1 installed, am i missing something?19:08
plantiancedk: I tested 2.8 and it seems significantly faster, I will try to update the mailing list when I get it deployed.19:10
plantiancedk: Probably like 5-10 times faster.19:10
elmo40faster then 2.6?19:13
plantianelmo40: yes but I think it might just be that my data causes problems in 2.619:15
plantianelmo40: I'm not sure if others will notice, but I definitely noticed.19:15
elmo40i wish i could start my own!19:16
plantianelmo40: I usually do createdb --owner=USER --encoding=unicode DBNAME19:16
plantianelmo40: Or actually, sorry, I create a user first: createuser -U postgres USER19:17
elmo40i opened Neso and created a new database. now it asks for login and password. i have not created those yet.19:17
elmo40should it be a superuser? ;)19:18
plantianelmo40: I only user the command line, no superuser and does not need to create roles.19:18
elmo40hrmm... more errors :(19:19
elmo40createuser: could not connect to database postgres: FATAL:  Peer authentication19:19
elmo40failed for user "postgres"19:19
elmo40im, gonna try another method19:20
elmo40only a client for Windows? I guess it would have to connect to a remote (linux) server?19:21
plantianelmo40: ok yeah sorry, i think to use command line postgres you need local permission to postgres.19:21
elmo40what is Neso?19:22
cedksharoonthomas: I guess19:34
cedkplantian: great19:34
cedkelmo40: you can find report in Adminstration>User Interface>Actions>Reports19:35
cedkelmo40: Neso is client and server bundle in one using SQLite19:36
elmo40cedk: when i open neso and Create a new database, what is the username and login?20:28
elmo40when i create the database it only asks for password20:28
cedkelmo40: admin and the password you set20:37
elmo40is Party the word you use for Customer?20:46
elmo40i see no module for 'customer data'20:47
cedkelmo40: yes customer and supplier20:58

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