IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2013-05-07 #tryton log beginning Tue May 7 00:00:02 CEST 2013
laurent_pvzHi everybody12:17
laurent_pvzMy customer can't maneg to connect to my trytond instance12:18
laurent_pvzHe uses windows712:18
laurent_pvzI have no problem with osx and a W7 vm12:18
laurent_pvzIs there a common issue i should be aware of ?12:19
corrolaurent_pvz: did you switch to SSL? If yes, it's probably an issue with the known_hosts file.12:22
laurent_pvzI use ssl, but It's the first time he uses the client12:23
cedklaurent_pvz: can he connect to the demo server?12:25
cedklaurent_pvz: so probably a firewall issue12:26
laurent_pvzthanks, I will investigate12:26
Piloulaurent_pvz: if you build tryton from source, "C-Runtime Redistributable Files" could be missing12:34
laurent_pvzPilou: in fact it's the windows executable downloaded from the page14:35
cedksisalp: did you see my message from yesterday?17:43

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