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cedksisalp: ping10:08
giedriuscedk: what do you think about review856002?10:41
cedkgiedrius: I don't know10:49
giedriuscedk: i'm now working on FIFO improvements and I find that such helpers are very useful10:54
cedkgiedrius: it is hard to say without seeing refactoring10:55
giedriuscedk: because most of time you are doing stuff with raw quantities and prices10:55
giedriuscedk: alright, i'll refactor the stock module and we will see :-)10:56
giedriuscedk: take a look at review856002, but be warned, it is not tested, just a sketch14:07
cedkgiedrius: it looks interresting14:22
cedkbut I would like to hear others about it14:22
giedriuscedk: where is the best place for discussion: forum, irc, bugtracker or retveld?14:23
cedkgiedrius: probably tryton-dev@14:27
cedkgiedrius: in the thread of your email14:27
giedriuscedk: okay14:28
cedkgiedrius: please don't top-post on the mailing list14:43
giedriuscedk: i know, sorry about this14:53
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