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giedriushi guys14:09
giedriusi have a question, how do you manage sales/purchase returns for products with FIFO cost method?14:09
giedriusnormally when products are valuated with FIFO (or LIFO), on return you should be allowed to select the coresponding stock move14:11
giedriusbut it seems tryton's returns are based off the average price valuation14:13
giedriusnow i'm thinking how this could be improved on tryton14:15
giedriusugly but simple implementation would be to add a field stock move where the user can select the coresponding stock move14:16
giedriusmuch nicer things would be to add additional objects (sale.return, purchase.return), where the user just need to select lines of returned sale or purchase order14:18
pokolihi, there are problems with codereview server? I'm getting abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error when trying to upload14:20
giedriuspokoli: sometimes it happens, try to rerun14:21
pokoligiedrius: thank's its working now14:24
giedriuscedk: what are benefits of having sales return on the same object as sales order?14:25
cedkgiedrius: what is the benefit of not having14:34
giedriuscedk: i mean, why it was not implemented as separate object, where return lines are selected from existing sales lines instead of re-entering information (like now)14:35
cedkgiedrius: don't care about information14:36
giedriuscedk: having such a model would allow to have correct FIFO returns14:36
cedkgiedrius: FIFO is correct14:37
cedkgiedrius: it just doesn't fit your needs14:38
cedkgiedrius: and what you suggest is not right any way14:38
giedriuscedk: why?14:38
cedkgiedrius: having what you ask is such a mess14:38
cedkgiedrius: a return doesn't come only from 1 move14:38
cedkgiedrius: any way, if you want that, just add a link between moves14:39
giedriuscedk: situation: 5 products bought for 10€, than another 10 for 32.50€. Now we want to return these 5 products. Currently, on return the stock value is lowered by 125€, and not by 50€.14:42
giedriuscedk: for returns it uses average price method instead of FIFO14:43
cedkgiedrius: yes you can update the price on the move14:44
giedriuscedk: but why not make it correct for FIFO?14:45
giedriuscedk: so user doesn not need to make manual adjustments14:45
cedkgiedrius: it is you who said it is not correct14:46
cedkgiedrius: it is just your POV14:46
cedkgiedrius: by the way, we already had this discussion14:46
giedriuscedk: in my country, we have strict methods for stock valuation14:47
giedriuscedk: each stock valuation must be used depending on product type14:47
giedriuscedk: i know that in Belgium you do care much about cost method (it is not regulated by state, i guess)14:48
giedriuscedk: here, average method only can be used for products which are mixed together (mostly liquids like gasoline), LIFO - for products which cannot be physically taken which arrived first (sand and stuff like that), and for all other cases FIFO must be used14:51
giedriuscedk: so here things are strict, you cannot use mix cost methods for stocks14:53
cedkgiedrius: it doesn't change anything to what I said14:54
giedriuscedk: if stock is valuated with FIFO on purchase/sale it cannot use different cost method for return14:54
giedriuscedk: using current method like it is implemented on tryton, company can decrease it's profit (so can avoid taxes)14:56
cedkgiedrius: this is wrong, any cost method is always wrong14:58
giedriuscedk: how it could be?15:01
giedriuscedk: it could be wrong in context of physical product, but how it could be wrong on stock valuation?15:02
giedriuscedk: i know it is my problem, but i'm looking how it could be improved for all other users15:05
cedkgiedrius: just set the price you want on the move15:06
giedriuscedk: yes, it is workable solution, but not a convinient one for oridinar user15:08
giedriuscedk: imagine situation where you need to make return for order with 50 lines or so15:08
cedkgiedrius: in any cases it will be15:11
giedriuscedk: having this could help i guess: sale.return with many sale.return.line. In line you can encode sale.line and quantity15:17
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MartinGuzmanHello everyone! I'm new using tryton. I was reading the documentation and doing several tests and was wondering if there is a way to create two (tree) views of the same model and in some places use one and in others use the other one?18:51
MartinGuzmanFor example: I have two models, each one with a field One2Many to the model However, in the first model I would like to show the tree view with some columns (and editable on top) and in the second model I would like the tree view with some other columns (and editable on bottom). How I can specify in each model which view to use?18:51
cedkMartinGuzman: yes just specify the right view to use18:58
MartinGuzmanhello cedk! how? I'm reading and I don't find how to specify the right view...19:02
cedkMartinGuzman: it is on the view19:10
cedkMartinGuzman: see view_ids:
MartinGuzmancedk, thank you! i'm going to try.. :)19:12
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joacHi, Im creating a proteus script to build a trytond instance, but, when I login using the client, I can get a lot off errors with sequences:22:26
joacProgrammingError: relation "ir_sequence_1" does not exist22:28
joacLINE 1: SELECT nextval('"ir_sequence_1"')22:28
joacIm using tryton 2.822:28
joacie, when I try to create a new party22:32
joacIf I create a database using the standar client, and install all modules, this error doesn't happen22:51
joacany idea?22:51
joaccedk: ^22:58
cedkjoac: looks like the party sequence is misconfigured23:32
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