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2013-05-17 08:39 <iamnoob> hi, is there a way where i can filter the records via date range? like i have two date field a 'from' and 'to'?
2013-05-17 08:58 <iamnoob> wow im glad 2.8 come up.. i solves my problem :)
2013-05-17 08:58 <iamnoob> it*
2013-05-17 13:03 <_droid> hi people, i have installed the tryton server on a debian system (version 1.8.1) and my client (a ubuntu machine) is 2.2.8, now how do I get them to the same version in order to start with using tryton?
2013-05-17 13:04 <cedk> _droid: upgrade
2013-05-17 13:04 <cedk> _droid: anyway, 1.8 series is no more supported
2013-05-17 13:05 <_droid> cedk: i tried apt-get upgrade but it isn't there
2013-05-17 13:06 <cedk> _droid: ask your distribution to upgrade their package
2013-05-17 13:06 <cedk> _droid: or change of distribution
2013-05-17 13:08 <_droid> cedk: true
2013-05-17 13:08 <cedk> _droid: or don't use packages but pip or manual tgz
2013-05-17 13:09 <nicoe> cedk: Debian won't update a released version but _droid could update to the latest debian version which IIRC uses 2.2
2013-05-17 13:09 <_droid> nicoe: u mean compile it?
2013-05-17 13:11 <_droid> but i could try asking them to update the tryton package. y not?
2013-05-17 13:11 <nicoe> _droid: no update your debian
2013-05-17 13:11 <nicoe> _droid: the latest version of debian ships 2.2.3
2013-05-17 13:12 <nicoe> _droid: because debian do not change packages for a released version of debian … they only apply security-fixes I believe
2013-05-17 13:13 <_droid> nicoe: well, I ran apt-get upgrade. I don't know if I'm missing something here
2013-05-17 13:15 <nicoe> _droid: there is a chapter about how to upgrade
2013-05-17 13:16 <_droid> nicoe: thank you :)
2013-05-17 13:27 <giedrius> what do i do wrong with pyson. I try: 'invisible': Eval('quantity', 0.0) >= 0.0, and get error float() argument must be a string or a number
2013-05-17 13:28 <giedrius> i guess 'quantity' is evaluated into None, and default is not used :/
2013-05-17 13:30 <cedk> giedrius: if the field is there with None value, it is None that is used
2013-05-17 13:31 <cedk> giedrius: you must add test for None case
2013-05-17 13:31 <giedrius> cedk: so i guess, i need to use If to check if value is not none?
2013-05-17 13:31 <giedrius> cedk: ok thanks
2013-05-17 13:54 <yangoon1> _droid: you can have a look at
2013-05-17 13:55 <yangoon1> kinds of selective backports
2013-05-17 15:19 <giedrius> is it possible to use relation field on field's invisible state?
2013-05-17 15:21 <giedrius> i try something like this: Eval('product', {}).get('type'), but Eval returns product_id and not object or dict
2013-05-17 15:24 <cedk> giedrius: no
2013-05-17 15:26 <giedrius> cedk: i guess the same is for all field states?
2013-05-17 15:28 <cedk> giedrius: yes
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2013-05-17 17:19 <_droid> nicoe:hi, I was able to make the update now I get this error message when trying to log in:
2013-05-17 17:21 <nicoe> _droid: Did you update your tryton installation ?
2013-05-17 17:21 <_droid> yes
2013-05-17 17:22 <nicoe> You made a trytond -u all -d your_database ?
2013-05-17 17:22 <_droid> nicoe: trytond version is 2.2.4 and the client is 2.2.1
2013-05-17 17:22 <_droid> nicoe: hm.. no
2013-05-17 17:22 <_droid> nicoe: one ces
2013-05-17 17:22 <_droid> sec
2013-05-17 17:23 <nicoe> yangoon1 is the debian maintainer, he's probably more helpful than I can be
2013-05-17 17:25 <_droid> nicoe: ok I got a successful init but I still get the following error message:
2013-05-17 17:27 <_droid> yangoon: maybe you could help?
2013-05-17 17:27 <yangoon> _droid: did you restart server and client?
2013-05-17 17:28 <_droid> no, 1 sec
2013-05-17 17:29 <_droid> yangoon: ok, it kinda works but I need to check on the username and password of the admin.
2013-05-17 17:50 <_droid> yangoon: ok apparently I forgot my username and password of postgres and tryton, could you tell me how to reset it?
2013-05-17 17:51 <yangoon> _droid: server password for postgres should be in trytond.conf
2013-05-17 17:57 <Pilou> _droid: If you want change password of PostgreSQL user, use 'alter user' ( You could change password of Tryton 'admin' user with this modification: and run "trytond -d database_name".
2013-05-17 18:01 <yangoon> Pilou: when trytond -u all -d your_database succeeds, password can not be lost...
2013-05-17 18:03 <_droid> Pilou: is that a shell script?
2013-05-17 18:03 <Pilou> yangoon: if user forgot it ?
2013-05-17 18:03 <joac> cedk: yesterday, I asked about the misconfiguration, on party sequence. Is it a bug? or proteus doesn't initialize tryton modules in the same way that standart client? How can I fix it? Thanks
2013-05-17 18:05 <joac> cedk: this is my code
2013-05-17 18:45 <_droid> alright now i totally screwed it up
2013-05-17 18:46 <_droid> tried to run "trytond -u all -d tryton" and i get the following:
2013-05-17 18:47 <_droid> I uninstalled everything and tried to reinstall everything and messed it up i think
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