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2013-05-21 10:24 <adeb600> cedk: is there any active mail integration module for tryton
2013-05-21 10:39 <nicoe> adeb600: There is this proposal
2013-05-21 10:46 <nicoe> adeb600: but there is no implementation of it now
2013-05-21 11:04 <cedk> adeb600: there is a codereview but we are not fully satisfy
2013-05-21 13:06 <rpit> cedk: ping
2013-05-21 13:47 <cedk> rpit: pong
2013-05-21 13:49 <rpit> cedl: I needed user warnings for Reports and wrote a patch to implement it. Do you want these for tryton base?
2013-05-21 13:56 <cedk> rpit: I don't see the point to have warning on report as report doesn't change anything
2013-05-21 13:57 <cedk> rpit: and are run under a readonly transaction
2013-05-21 13:58 <rpit> cedk: Not all of them. Invoices for instance use a writable transaction.
2013-05-21 13:58 <cedk> rpit: it is an exception
2013-05-21 13:59 <cedk> rpit: and normally, the invoice report should not used it
2013-05-21 13:59 <rpit> cedk: But my use case is an other. I want to store the documaents automaticaly and therefore just create one document per order,
2013-05-21 13:59 <rpit> cedk: even if the user marked more than one. But with a warning!
2013-05-21 14:01 <cedk> rpit: you can do the same as Invoice Reprot
2013-05-21 14:06 <rpit> cedk: invoice report is wrong. It is not clean how many documents to create and when to evaluate the pyson for emailing the document. I still don't now how to repair it. I send mails with invoices to mail addresses of other people.
2013-05-21 14:07 <rpit> cedk: I don't want a (complex-)wizard with such errors for a simplething like a report.
2013-05-21 14:10 <cedk> rpit: any way, I will not accept a feature on report that breaks the readonly transaction
2013-05-21 14:13 <rpit> cedk: okay, I have my patch for myself
2013-05-21 15:10 <rpit> cedk: Would you accept changes to administer error_messages in Report (__register__ in Report and check in _clean_error) ?
2013-05-21 16:06 <b0r7> hi, im having trouble importing data to tryton via csv, the problem occurs when i want to import more than one contact mechanism..
2013-05-21 16:06 <b0r7> i made a pastebin to illustrate what i mean
2013-05-21 16:07 <b0r7> ah im using tryton2.8.. import via gui
2013-05-21 16:09 <b0r7> i added the error message i'm getting to the pastebin
2013-05-21 16:11 <b0r7> well i think its because "CM/Type" is used twice.. but how do i map e.g fax, phone, jabber etc.. if possible
2013-05-21 16:18 <Pilou> b0r7: try
2013-05-21 16:26 <b0r7> Pilou: thanks, unfortunately.. than there are 2 "tester" partys.. one wiht phone, and one with fax, i'll try to add 'code'
2013-05-21 16:29 <b0r7> Pilou: not working either (Internal Server Error: The code of the party must be uique..)
2013-05-21 16:30 <joac> cedk: I fixed my problem whit sequences of party module, was a typo on db_type of proteus "config.set_trytond" function
2013-05-21 16:31 <joac> cedk: maybe is a good idea assert the correct values for db type
2013-05-21 16:31 <b0r7> mhm maybe i'll explore importing directly to db..
2013-05-21 16:32 <joac> cedk: the problem was in ir/ line 18
2013-05-21 16:38 <Pilou> b0r7: import to db is faster than other methods. You could try proteus (python scripts which use 'proteus' python module) too. Another solution is a python scripts which use 'trytond' python module. B2CK prefers proteus.
2013-05-21 16:42 <b0r7> Pilou: thanks! i'll have a look
2013-05-21 18:29 <b0r7> regarding the csv import: i found the solution..
2013-05-21 18:30 <b0r7> its also written in the wiki
2013-05-21 18:30 <b0r7> added here for future reference
2013-05-21 22:00 <ramtai> test
2013-05-21 22:01 <ramtai> exit

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