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iamnoobhi to all, i need help on something.. because i dont know where to get start to... i need to creat a module where when i open it.. it will show me a view_form, unlike the modules i usually see , where it have a view_tree and a view_form,  is there any official module like that?05:16
iamnoobim having a hard time recreating something like 'configuration' of the 'party module'05:18
udonoiamnoob: hi, the "ir.action.act_window.view" definitions are connecting form, graph and tree views to the switch signal[1]. Just add the views you want to see. The "sequence" tag defines the order when pressing the switch button. [1]
iamnoobudono: thanks08:29
iamnoobhi is there a way where i can limit a module to 1 record?08:31
Pilouiamnoob: there is a ModelSingleton model (see ldap_connection module).08:50
_droidgood morning people, got a question concerning access rights to users. I want a user only to have full access to the stock. So I went as the admin and added this user to the following groups: Stock Manegment, and Stock Administration. When trying to create a category or any of that kind, with that user, I get the form but I cannot fill it out. What am I missing here?08:51
iamnoobPilou: thanks!09:00
iamnoob_droid: have you check create,write,read ?09:05
_droidiamnoob: you mean the rules?09:05
iamnoob_droid: yes09:05
_droidiamnoob: Stock- Configuration, Inventory, Location, Move, Inventory Line are all have rwcd-access for this user active/checked09:06
_droidiamnoob: do I need to restart the server or client?09:12
iamnoob_droid: yes you may need to do that,09:13
_droidiamnoob: really?.... ok09:13
_droidiamnoob: restarted the client and server. Made no difference09:14
iamnoob_droid: also check if you give it access rights up to the parent of the module.. i did some stuying about granting users rights.. for what i encountered,, i can only give a user rights if i give do that.. also see the 'groups' you may need to assign the user to a group (soo it will gets the groups set of rules)09:15
iamnoob_droid: im not familiar with the StockModule but i tried testing it out on my custom module, playing with the users and groups settings gave me what i need so far09:17
_droidiamnoob: as for the groups, the user is assigned to 3 groups: Stock, Stock Administration, and Stock Force Assignment. In the rules below, I gave rwcd-access to the previously mentioned parts. Now where can I give rwcd-access for the whole module?09:21
iamnoob_droid: i cant really say where youll find, or maybe you need to just include all module,sub module.. i just did a trial and error learning thing on that part.. lets wait for the others.. they may know how to solve your situation..09:30
_droidiamnoob: ok09:30
_droidiamnoob: ah... found the problem, I should have added the user to the group products09:34
iamnoob_droid: glad you got what you need :)09:35
_droidwhich bringes me to the next question. Where do I assign the quantity in stock??09:35
iamnoobPilou: check out lda_connection or .. does it still work with version 2.8? i cant seems to make mine work.. it still has the __tryton__ file and _name (which is now __name__)09:40
Pilouiamnoob: you're wrong (
iamnoobPilou: got it thanks, i got the old one, ive been checking it.. on which line of code does it tell that only 1 record is allowed?10:17
Pilouiamnoob: (ModelSingletonà10:22
iamnoobhi just wondering, is there a way .. that after a field.selection was used (after picking a value) i can insert records to an many2one field? (by codes)11:43
iamnoobsomething like that, im trying to do a report. where after i select a value on a field.selection.. i need to load all records related to it..11:45
cedkiamnoob: use a on_change11:50
iamnoobcedk: i see.. thanks11:52
iamnoobis it possible to load a view_tree of a another module inside an view_form another module? if so..  is there an official module that is similar to this please?12:01

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