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iamnoobhi, is it possible to create a report of 2 modules inside another module? im trying to do a summary report. is there a official module that is similar to this please?10:56
cedkiamnoob: what do you call a "module" ?11:09
iamnoobcedk: cant really get what you mean.. sorry i have this bad english..11:13
cedkiamnoob: you speak about module but for me it sounds strange because you want to make report on modules11:15
iamnoobcedk: ill try again to express myself.. --> in example..i got 2 modules 'named Breads' and 'Cakes'  and there are records saved inside them, in the 3rd module .. i somehow need a many2many field which can contain records coming from those 2 modules..  soo when i create a report . i can get all the records i need..  my goal really is to be able to make a report that contains records from 211:18
iamnoobmodules... really sorry for my bad explaination..11:18
iamnoobto be more specific.. i need to create a report that will show all records saved from '1st module' and '2nd module' in a single report (or .odt file)11:22
iamnooband the one creating it is the '3rd module'  . this is what i got now.  maybe i made a wrong approach on doing the job. but i was still hoping theres still a way.11:23
udonoiamnoob: We usually use the term "module" to describe a container which includes Models, Views, Reports, Wizards, Workflows...11:23
iamnoobudone: thanks.. for the clear up. but what do i call the ones on the 'Modules Folder' inside trytond?11:24
udonoiamnoob: so when you write 'Module' you meant 'Model' like account.invoice, product.product?11:24
iamnoobudono: yes.. that seems to be what i really ment.. the records stored on a Model..11:25
iamnoobudono: thanks for the clarification..  soo to revised my problem..11:26
udonoiamnoob: so I understand you want to write a _Module_ which includes a _Report_ over many _Models_. Are the Models linked together by a relation field?11:27
iamnoobi got records from 2 models (i.e 'bakery.bread' and 'bakery.cakes' ) i need to create a report that can show records from both model.. and the one doing this will be the 3rd model 'bakery.cashier'11:28
iamnoobudono: yes thats what i really wanted to do11:28
udonoiamnoob: are the different models linked together by one2one, one2many, many2one, many2many?11:29
iamnoobudono: umm actually from what i have now.. i got a one2many field.. and it return a value = (i.e ingridients) thats only what i got.. now from that one2many field.. i need to return all records that have that value..11:31
iamnoobudono: i made a python method to get the records needed from different models.. but the problem now for me is.. how to i show it in report.11:32
udonoiamnoob: just look in the other reports, it is just a for-loop over the object.11:33
udonoiamnoob: Take the invoice report for example. There you have a report over all invoices, each with their own party, lines, ...11:34
udonoiamnoob: and do not forget to read
iamnoobudono: is it possible to create the report i needed if i dont have a models link together?  lets say i have the records in a python-dictionary.. only needed to be put on the reports(.odt file) when i click print-reports11:36
iamnoobudono: thanks alot.. ill do the stuying. hopefully i can make what i needed11:38
udonoiamnoob: Iam sure it should work.11:39
iamnoobudono: in     lines_to_pay = fields.Function(fields.One2Many('account.move.line', None,11:45
iamnoob        'Lines to Pay'), 'get_lines_to_pay')       does get_lines_to_pay auto populate the field? or just filter the records that will be avaible for selection?   because i see its 'return res'11:45
udonoiamnoob: it's a function field without setter method, so the result is read only.11:47
iamnoobudono: even w/o the states={'readonly':True}  it will be read only?11:51
udonoiamnoob: I think so.11:57
oscar_It is possible generate a just message user in a window similar raise_user_error, but for information user in any Tryton module16:10
cedkoscar_: what is "information" ?16:14
oscar_for example when a model to create some records (automatic) after to press button action,  and model show this message "15 records or invoices was created!"16:21
oscar_cedk: because I am working in a new module/model that create many sales and invoices of one shoot from sale template.16:26
oscar_cedk_: Would be nice show te user the success of transaction and how many records was created, similar to "import and export data..."16:28
cedkoscar_: write a wizard16:29
cedkoscar_: or better just show the created records16:29
oscar_cedk: thanks.16:31
sixelaare there some demo data in tryton ?23:56

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