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iamnoobhi, i made a report to display all records in a module.. now what i cant figure out is.. if i have a 'quantity' field (where value will be a number) how can i sum all the quantity value? will i do it on the open-office(libre office)? how can i achieved this please08:41
iamnoobim using <rows.quantity> to show the 'quantity' value inside the .odt file is there a way to sum it?08:43
kavish-lmdeHi, tryton says wrong password10:53
kavish-lmdeHow do I recover tryton password?10:54
_droidkavish-lmde: is it a clean new tryton installation?10:56
kavish-lmdeYes, I just installed it; during installation it asked for password; I use the same password, it says bad password10:56
_droidok, what is the username that you use for the login?10:57
kavish-lmdeActually was not able to proceed further; could not create new database etc.10:58
_droidkavish-lmde: what I had was to repeat the steps when creating the first tryton user in the installation instructions, and revise the username and password in your tryton.conf file11:00
_droidtry those11:02
kavish-lmdewill just try this out11:02
kavish-lmdeevery line is commented out with #11:08
kavish-lmdeThis probably means the installation script did not do its work?11:08
_droidkavish-lmde: you need to uncomment db_host, db_port,db_user, and db_password.11:11
_droidkavish-lmde: what is the database that you installed?11:11
_droidmysql or postgres?11:11
kavish-lmdewill do these things first.11:11
_droidkavish-lmde: there is also a line what says db_type, uncomment that and put postgresql11:13
kavish-lmde#db_type is also commented; what to do?11:13
_droidkavish-lmde: also don't forget to restart your server in oder to make changes take affect11:14
_droidonce you have restarted the server you will need to make sure that you have created a postgresql account with the username and password that you set in the conf-file11:14
kavish-lmdeis there a service restart command for pgsql?11:15
_droidwhat OS?11:15
_droidkavish-lmde: since it is a debian derivative, i would guess "sudo service psql stop" and then replace stop with start11:16
kavish-lmdepsql or pgsql11:17
_droidtry it, lmde won't bite you ;)11:18
kavish-lmdepostgresql it is and restarted11:18
kavish-lmdedb_host = false it says11:19
_droidkavish-lmde: a tip, if you are not sure if it is this or that use the tab key it will try to complete it for you11:19
_droidcheck the ip of the host? if it is a localhost replace it with
kavish-lmdedb_port db_user everything is set to false11:20
_droidkavish-lmde: give me a pastebin link11:22
kavish-lmdejust a min11:23
_droidkavish-lmde: no worries11:24
_droidkavish-lmde: ok, all these db_ lines, uncomment them and replace the false with the actual username and password that u use for the postgresql db11:30
kavish-lmdeone min11:31
_droidkavish-lmde: as for the port set it to 543211:31
kavish-lmdedb_host =   db_port = 8000  db_user = luxpro  db_password = luxpro123  this ok?11:33
_droidkavish-lmde: db_port: is supposed to be 543211:34
kavish-lmdeok done11:34
_droidkavish-lmde: what you need to understand is that the db_ part tells the tryton server to what database to log onto like ip of the server, port etc11:36
kavish-lmdeok done11:37
kavish-lmdeIt looks like there are two port issues to deal with - one is for pgsql:5432 and one for tryton server itself: 8000 ??11:42
kavish-lmdewhere to set the port for tryton server - or does the tryton client know it?11:43
_droidkavish-lmde: you have to see it like this:  client<==port 8000===>tryton-server<===port5432==>database-server11:43
kavish-lmdeyes i got that11:44
_droidkavish-lmde: that aspect is configured at the tryton.conf in the line that says "jsonrpc"11:45
_droidkavish-lmde: apparently your database server (postgresql) is on the same machine with tryton11:45
kavish-lmdeGoing through the documentation on all these details are not there ??11:45
_droidkavish-lmde: !? 1 sec11:46
_droidkavish-lmde: here you go11:47
kavish-lmdeyes for now tryton client, server and pgsql will be on the same machine; later on I''ll separate them.11:47
_droidkavish-lmde: when you seperate them you will have to replace db_host= with the ip of the server and make sure that the port 5432 is open11:48
kavish-lmde_droid: that was a handful of reading material; thanks for now; thanks again;11:51
kavish-lmdebye _droid; was nice learning from you; nice being on #tryton11:54
_droidkavish-lmde: was glad to help12:11
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cedkPilou: your last commit breaks account_asset15:55
Piloucedk: isn'it a bug in account_asset ?16:23
cedkPilou: no16:24
Pilouthe exception was here before, but exception was hidden16:28
cedkPilou: no16:28
Piloui revert my modifications with "hg log -p -r 1b1562ec4a63 |patch -p1 -R", apply this dumb patch and run the following command: "./bin/trytond -d db -i all"16:35
Pilou"coin2" * 10 never appears16:36
cedkPilou: updating database is not a test16:37
Pilousame occurs with "./bin/trytond -d db"16:38
Pilou"cls._error_messages" is never updated because previous statement raises the exception16:39
Piloucedk: so ?17:28
cedkPilou: I made a patch17:41
Piloucedk: why don't add a default __setup__ classmethod ?18:01
jeancavalloPilou: I might be wrong but I think there is more than just the __setup__ being called18:05
Piloucedk: using Model as a BaseClass for PurchaseLine could be a solution (
cedkPilou: because we don't want to register a extra depends Model if the base is not there18:44
gour_ /nick gour20:02
gourthere are several php 'invoicing' apps, mostly web-based for handling quotes/invoices suitable for small businesses/freelancers which produce nice pdf based on some template. i'd like to use something which is python-based and not finding some django-based one wonder if tryton would be an overkill for such purpose?20:04
gourfound out about Nereid in some list's discussions, but it seems it's not really web client?20:04
gourwhat is the status for tryton's web client although that's not exclusive requirement for me20:05
pokoligour: is the repo20:30
pokoligour: you can see a live demo of current status of web client (i don't know how updated is as I don't manage it)20:30
cedkgour, pokoli: it is up to date20:31
gourACTION is trying demo...a bit slow, but ok20:36
gouris it possible to strip tryton to our bare needs easily? e.g we don't need stock 'cause our 'products' are services etc.?20:37
pokoligour: stock is a requirement of sale but if you have all products that are services it won't use it. You can hide it's menu options by users permisions if you want20:41
gourpokoli: ok. thanks20:55
pokoligour: I will sugest you to download gtk client and test directly from there20:56
gourthere is no plan to move client away from gtk+?20:57
gourwhat is the purpose of ?21:32
cedkgour: don't know but if you search to plug a website with Tryton better to look at nereid22:32
gourcedk: no, if i'd use some php apps, it would run just on my localhost machine, no webshop involved22:33
cedkgour: what php apps?22:34
gourcedk: e.g. simpleinvoices, fusioninvoice etc.22:35
gourfor personal stuff i use gnucash, but it missing quotes/proforma_invoices and its customizing abilities (via guile) are not so pretty22:37
cedkgour: but why using an other invoicing software, as Tryton already manage invoices22:37
gourcedk: no need, of course, just wondering if tryton might be overkill 'cause we don't have need for other modules like accounting etc. just invoicing22:38
cedkgour: just install account_invoice22:40
gourtryton generates libre(open)office documents for invoices?22:44
cedkgour: yes22:45
gouris there demo for 2.2 available? that's current debian version22:47
gouri had to try win client under winxp :-/22:47
cedkgour: no it is too old22:48
gourlet me try to pull latest from experimental...22:49
gouryou'll stay with (py)gtk toolkit?22:52
gourACTION is demo-ing with 2.9 now...22:55
cedkgour: yes I don't see any reason to change22:57
cedkgour: there is no demo for 2.9 as it is the dev branch22:57
gourcedk: ok. for another desktop project i'm considering to write, i've decided in favour of (py)qt over gtk...23:00
gouri've created new demo account, added few items and when wanting to pay (as cash) i get: the debit account on jouurnal 'cash' is missing...but, afaict, no ability to change/add it?23:03
cedkgour: you have to setup a default debit/credit account on the journal23:06
gourcedk: does demo allows it?23:09
gourafacit, it does not23:14
cedkgour: I'm pretty sure yes23:15
cedkgour: but probably with admin user23:16
gourahh ok. let me try to log as admin23:16
gournow it's ok, after changing things admin. :-)23:26
cedkgour: demo is not in account admin group23:26
gouri'll resume tomorrow after trying to install everything on my box and strip to the core needs we have at the moment23:27

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