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mrechteHello. May several analytic lines be added on an invoice line, and how to select the root account ?09:21
cedkmrechte: there will be one field for each roots09:23
mrechtecedk: thanks, but I have no control on the choice of the root, and I don't know how to create a new field.09:24
cedkmrechte: it is done automaticaly based on the number of roots09:25
mrechtecedk: I have 2 roots and only the first one is shown on the invoice line.09:27
mrechtecedk: it seems there is cache problem, because if I restart the client then I see the two root fields09:54
cedkmrechte: yes the views are cached and as analytic change the view on the fly10:03
mrechtecedk: OK thanks.10:16
rpitWhat is the preferrable way to use ssl-connection: tryton-internal or via webserver? (Tryton 2.6)10:21
cedkrpit: I would say using tryton-internal10:33
cedkrpit: it is what we (B2CK) do10:33
rpitcedk: ok, thank you10:37
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joacExists in tryton something like a File input?17:13
cedkjoac: Binary fields17:16
joaccedk: field is stored on DB, or as file?17:34
cedkjoac: Binary is in DB17:35
cedkjoac: if you want to store as file, you must look at ir.attachement code17:35
joaccedk: ok, thanks!17:40
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plantianhi guys, if I have a model linked to product and I put MyModel._order = [('product', 'ASC')] will it use the product id to sort or the rec_name of the product model?21:29
cedkplantian: it will use rec_name if possible or _order_name and finally fallback to id21:55
plantiancedk: if I override the rec_name method in a custom module then it will use that rec name right?22:08
plantianfor some reason the product seems to be sorting in a really weird way, that is why i'm asking22:10
plantian*override get_rec_name method I mean22:10
plantianActually maybe the _order field does not apply to records displayed in view.23:05
plantian -- I'm trying to sort this with --
cedkplantian: override the method doesn't change the order23:58

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