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cedkplantian: see:
plantiancedk: Oh, yeah exactly, I don't want the code in there.  So I just need to change that .code to .name probably.00:01
plantianActually I don't really understand that syntax.00:04
plantianActaully I understand the comment now, I can't order by name because name is on the template.00:06
plantianThe product_template table.00:06
bigatohi guys00:20
bigatocould someone please give me some help with export files for translation?00:21
bigatoi followed the steps at the wiki but i get an error00:21
bigatowhen i am at the syncronize step, should i choose the source language or the destination language?00:22
bigatowhen i choose the destination language (the one i've just created) it returns a python error00:24
bigatoi'm getting a po file that is empty in the end00:25
plantianbigato: sorry i have not done translation before, maybe someone else can help though01:20
bigatothanks plantian, i'm trying to translate inside the client anyways, although it is painfully slow :(01:20
bigatois it normal for the client to be slow while updating the fields even in a local installation?01:45
bigatoi mean while editing the field values01:45
plantianbigato: yeah local install can be slow, depends on how many records are changed, if it is single row that seems weird02:00
plantianbigato: what tryton version are you using/02:00
bigatoplantian: 2.8 using neso02:19
bigatowhen in list view, it's somewhat slow when editing/saving a record.02:21
bigatoif at least i could change a field in all rows from a view at once...02:24
bigatoi guess the client wasn't really build to be a good interface for translation :)02:27
bigatoin single row it's not slow, it's only in list view really02:39
bigatoi have this translation view, and i want a field (language) in all rows to be set to my language. Do I really need to do it manually in all 9k+ rows?02:41
bigatohmmm, nice it is intelligent enough to replicate my translation to all rows with the same source words!02:46
bigatothat's probably why it is slow02:47
bigatodo i don't have to do duplicate work02:47
bigatovery cool02:47
bigatoi just need now to find a way to script changing the values of the "language" field all at once02:51
TelesightA question about the permissionsystem of version 2.8: If I create a new user and put this user in a new created group and this group has no rights at all, the user can still enter data and see things ... I expected the user can do nothing untill I give the group rights.19:34
cedkTelesight: putting user in group add permission, not remove20:28
Telesightcedk: I want to create a group with minimal rights. But even with no rights at all the user can do things ...20:52
cedkTelesight: you must create model access for model without20:53
Telesightcedk: So if I want to create a group "coworker" and the users in this group can only create Calender items?21:01
zodmanwhat i can do when this happend exist a log file on windows ?21:35

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