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mrechteHello. Why is the Chart of Accounts based on a fiscal year, whereas the Chart of Analytic Accounts is based on a date range ?09:37
cedkmrechte: why not?10:19
mrechtecedk: just trying to understand why there is such a difference between the two accountings11:25
cedkmrechte: in analytic there is no external constraint11:42
mrechtecedk: OK thanks. Concerning 'normal' accounting, would not be interesting to have 1) the possibility to have the chart for a given period 2) Introduce opening_debit/credit fields on Account (rather than to include their value in debit/credit fields) ?12:01
cedkmrechte: I don't see the point12:04
mrechtecedk: to have a view on an accounting period only.12:06
cedkmrechte: I don't see the point12:10
cedkmrechte: an account without previous moves doesn't have meaning12:13
mrechtecedk: example: view revenue accounts for a given period12:15
cedkmrechte: that's not a chart12:16
mrechteHow to activate the Tryton SQL logging from the database backend (defined in Cursor._print_log()) ?18:37
Piloumrechte: "sql_log" in trytond/backend/database.py18:40
mrechtePilou: Thanks. You mean I have to modify the source code for that (put sql_log = True in CursorInterface) ?18:43
Piloui don't know another way18:45
mrechtePilou: OK, a pity it is not connected to the -v server option !18:53
Piloulogs in tryton are a pity18:54
mrechtePilou: It seems sql_log = True is not enough to produce log: I get no change in the server output19:03
laurent_pvzhi there20:55
laurent_pvzwhat is  the minimal VPS  configuration to run trytond+pg ?20:55

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