IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2013-06-12 #tryton log beginning Wed Jun 12 00:00:03 CEST 2013
sisalphello, I understand I need relatorio 0.58 to run tryton 2.8, but cannot get it from pypi12:07
sisalpmay be a howto was already published somewehere ?12:07
sisalpThis is what I think I need :
cedksisalp: relatorio 0.5.8 doesn't exist yet12:09
sisalpcedk: thank you. do you mean I have to apply the patch on the 0.57 code ?12:10
sisalpcedk: so far I cannot print any report12:11
cedksisalp: or don't use latest Genshi12:13
sisalpok this is why it works on previously installes servers, thank you12:14
cedksisalp: I would like to make a relatorio release but I'm waiting review from latest patch to have Python3 support12:14
sisalpcedk: fixed on my server. Works well thank you.13:53

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