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mrechteHello. The Balance Sheet is a hierarchical tree view of Account Types (marked as balance sheet), is not it ? So I may be expecting the same hierarchy than for the Account Types view ?08:35
cedkmrechte: yes09:06
mrechtecedk: ok, so it seems to me the domain is not correct in act_account_balance_sheet_tree: it should rather be [('balance_sheet', '=', True), ('parent', '=', False)]09:08
cedkmrechte: why ?09:10
mrechtecedk: to be consistent with the Account Types tree view, and to have each account only appearing once in the view09:16
cedkmrechte: you must set balance_sheet to True only on top09:16
cedkmrechte: ok I see there is a mistake in account_fr09:17
cedkmrechte: or we could use: [('balance_sheet', '=', True), ['OR', ('parent', '=', None), ('parent.balance_sheet', '=', False)]]09:23
cedkmrechte: could you test this09:23
mrechtecedk: I already tested [('balance_sheet', '=', True), ('parent', '=', False)], which is OK providing the root is ticked as 'balance sheet'. I don't understand your alternative.09:50
cedkmrechte: because balance_sheet is not necessary the root09:51
cedkmrechte: and I can not see how your solution could work on account_fr09:52
mrechtecedk: Just ticked the balance_sheet on the root account type (French Account Type Chart)09:56
cedkmrechte: but in some way, "Hors bilan" should not be in balance sheet09:58
cedkmrechte: so your test is not valid09:58
mrechtecedk: OK, I tested with your suggestion. It seems the result is the same except I don't see the root, but the "Hors bilan" is still shown.10:04
cedkmrechte: yes "Hors bilan" is set as balance_sheet but I think it should not10:05
mrechtecedk: OK. By the way, none account is marked as income_statement in the French Chart.10:09
cedkmrechte: could you make an issue with all issues about account_fr?10:09
mrechtecedk: OK.10:10
cedkmrechte: and maybe talk about it on french ML10:11
shalabhaggarwalHi, i am writing tests for tryton 2.8 where each test case is different and there are no commits in between but after 2-3 test cases, the tests break asking for account payable while creating the company's party. the same thing works fine for 2.4. I am wondering if some issue has been introduced in 2.6 or later.10:27
cedkshalabhaggarwal: I guess you hit the removal of inherits10:31
cedkshalabhaggarwal: so account properties are on the party of the company10:31
shalabhaggarwalcedk: I think i am handling that correctly10:32
shalabhaggarwalcedk: i will send over a small snippet which breaks for account_invoice module10:32
cedkshalabhaggarwal: I guess it is because you are updating the global CONTEXT10:41
shalabhaggarwalcedk: the issue persists if i remove the context updating for the user on line 9711:07
cedkshalabhaggarwal: of course because you need a correct context11:10
cedkshalabhaggarwal: but updating it like you do breaks the isolation of each tests11:10
mrechteWith the GTK client, would be possible to by default show records in read-only mode, and have a button to explicitly toggle in write mode ?11:24
shalabhaggarwalcedk: thanks, figured it out12:14
cedkmrechte: I think someone already asked that12:16
cedkmrechte: but don't think it was kept as a good idea12:17
mrechtecedk: it could be a config option.12:43
cedkmrechte: talking about option is not something that can convince me :-)12:51
cedksisalp: could you check:
sisalpmrechte: cedk: can we comment on #tryton-fr ?15:54
cedksisalp: oui15:55
pokoliHi all,  how can I push a codereview affecting multiple modules?18:46
cedkpokoli: you can use hgreview with option -n18:46
pokolicedk: thanks for fast response. Worked perfectly!18:49

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