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motarohello, I'm having an issue that the client on OSX is not showing the icons00:17
motaroany ideas00:18
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motaroI'm having an issue with the client on mac os x, none of the icons shows up15:01
motaroHas anybody heard anything on this?15:01
cedkmotaro: which client?15:03
motaroGtk-client, I there another?15:03
cedkmotaro: which one?15:04
motaroIt says Tryton 2.8.2 on the about box.15:04
cedkmotaro: which MacOS version?15:05
cedkmotaro: there is no 2.8.2 dmg yet15:09
cedkmotaro: so which one are you using?15:09
motaroNo I installed everything through python packages.15:10
cedkmotaro: so you miss the librsvg15:12
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plantianIs it possible to write a batch of records with differing values over xmlrpc instead of calling write for each one?21:39
udonoplantian: hi, maybe but its seems for create only...22:40
plantianudono: yeah I need to write existing records, it is for inventory lines, so there is a list of lines and then I want to write each line's fields23:12
plantianit makes sense to me that each one must be updated individually but it seems like a lot of overhead to make an xmlrpc call for each update, i assumed the client must be doing something more effecient23:16

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