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cedkplantian: otherwise if all the records are inside a one2many, you can group writes as a write on one2many01:10
plantiancedk: you mean I could just pass in the dictionary for an inventory with all the lines nested inside it ?  does it support multiple ('write', id, {}) entries, like ('write', 1, {something}), ('write', 1, {something}),...?01:14
plantiancedk: the intent of the write api sounds good but I'm not sure about the specifics of the actual api, maybe an optional third argument that is an iterable of 2-tuples would be easier to work with01:21
plantianotherwise people will have to just flatten a list every-time and if there are 100 individual writes how does that perform with flattening and unflattening the argument list?01:22
plantiancedk: I don't really understand the doc regarding the ", [ids, ..., ]" part but I think it works to nest the writes, thanks, it now takes 4 seconds instead of 30-50 seconds.01:31
sisalp2cedk: would the big sale case be complex to test on Tryton ?11:19
sisalp2cedk: I guess openerp workflow sucks. The problem is when the proposal is confirm to an order : it takes ~5 hours CPU11:20
nicoesisalp2: you could start from the proteus script that creates the demo database and adapt it to create a big sale11:25
sisalp2nicoe: I'm 'rather' bad at proteus, but succeeded in creating gnuHealth demo database ;-), I may give a try11:47
cedksisalp2: a hint to quickly create lines is by copying a them multiple times11:52
sisalp2cedk: I don't find where to do it on the demo server11:58
cedksisalp2: not possible12:04
jeancavallocedk: Hi ! I would like to reset tryton_parser.taghandler to None here :
jeancavallocedk: I am having a problem because a skiptest tag overlaps to the next file12:07
jvblascomorning everyone12:08
cedkjeancavallo: don't understand12:13
jeancavallocedk: I tried to summarize the problem here :
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WalterNzultron: is there a module for tryton that would allow openPLM to plug into it?19:16
zultronHi WalterN, no, I don't think so.  I figured I'd have to do that work myself.19:47

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