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WalterNzultron: well, lemme know how it goes :302:21
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version32Hi. New to Tryton. Interested in what JSONRPC calls are available from trytond. Can you point me to some documentation on that subject.13:28
albertcaversion32: Don't think there's a document with all API available for JSONRPC14:04
albertcaversion32: but you should be able to access all models (tables)14:04
albertcaversion32: if you take a look at the code, you'll see __rpc__ which indicates which functions are available14:05
version32I guess if I look in the client source ...14:05
albertcaversion32: for example:
albertcaversion32: yes, and proteus14:05
version32proteus looks very powerful.14:05
version32Could I use it to script cookie-cutter installs?14:06
albertcaversion32: it is much smaller than GTK client and will probably use most API the client uses (except export/import and some other probably minor stuff)14:06
albertcaversion32: note that each model can publish its own functions/buttons which proteus nor the client will know about14:07
albertcaversion32: so you need to look at those modules and models to see which functions they provide14:07
albertcaversion32: never tried, but please, take a look at this:
albertcaversion32: It seems that searching with the "system" functions you should be able to get the list of methods for all models and other objects14:09
albertcaversion32: and also get the python doc associated with it (most usually it will be empty I guess)14:10
albertcaversion32: you should be able to query it with both jsonrpc and xml-rpc14:10
version32That's really helpful. Thank you for the tips. I did my first install last night. I'm working my way through the source this morning.14:11
version32Is there a recommended method for importing already existing client data (eg product lists, supplier lists, customer lists)14:11
albertcaversion32: if there is not a lot of data proteus will probably be the easier path14:12
albertcaversion32: if there's a lot of data proteus will be very slow14:12
albertcaversion32: if structure is very simple you can also try the import functionality from the gtk client (in the tools menu of all forms)14:12
albertcaversion32: for large data imports at NaN┬Ětic we use Kettle which is an ETL14:13
albertcaversion32: if the latter is your case, you can take a look at the project we did for migrating data from OpenERP at
version32What is the target market for Tryton in terms of business/organization size? Is there a sweet spot?14:16
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