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2013-09-08 14:58 <version32> Does "Journals - Periods" do anything?
2013-09-08 15:24 <cedk> version32: it allows to be closed
2013-09-08 15:26 <version32> Thank you.
2013-09-08 15:33 <version32> Is there a module for generating the monthly/quarterly VAT return for the UK?
2013-09-08 16:41 <cedk> version32: it should be done base on the tax code chart
2013-09-08 16:46 <version32> Thank you.
2013-09-08 16:50 <cedk> version32: you must also create fiscalyear periods base on your frequency of report
2013-09-08 16:51 <cedk> version32: we don't have yet a UK chart of account but we will be happy to include one
2013-09-08 17:45 <version32> regarding UK chart - There are quire a few legally permitted formats in the UK. Even for small companies there is a choice of two.
2013-09-08 17:46 <version32> s/quire/quite
2013-09-08 17:47 <version32> The two small company layouts are here
2013-09-08 17:48 <WalterN> zultron: did you further look into merging OpenPLM?
2013-09-08 17:49 <version32> What tends to happen is that each business uses a chart of accounts which is useful to them and then once a year the legal accounts are prepared in the legal format using separate 'legal accounts' software.
2013-09-08 18:09 <zultron> Hi WalterN, no, that's a project for later.

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