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plantianLooking at  it seems like the session id was accessible in tryton <= 1.4, is there anything like tracking a session id to be re-used across requests in tryton 1.6+ ?  Do I need to get the headers out of the Server object somehow?00:54
cedkplantian: after 1.4, XML-RPC became stateless01:00
plantiancedk: So everytime I connect I resend the username and password?01:02
cedkplantian: yes01:04
plantiancedk: I guess jsonrpc doesn't suffer from that ?01:06
cedkplantian: no01:10
cedkplantian: indeed, I would like to unify both and have both method supported by both protocol01:10
cedkplantian: and so use the standard auth from HTTP01:10
plantiancedk: What is the best way to connect to the trytond server directly then without the tryton client?01:16
plantiancedk: Or I guess I don't understand, couldn't I just use the login method like the tryton client is doing?01:17
cedkplantian: can't answer because I don't know what you want to do01:18
cedkplantian: for automatic script, you would probably don't want to have to manage session so xml-rpc is better01:18
cedkplantian: for a program with a user behind, probably json-rpc is better01:19
plantiancedk: I have a VPS webserver and I want to create a customize web interface that connects to a VPS server running trytond.  Sort of proxying requests.01:22
jeancavallocedk: I am seeing this error with python-sql : unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'Mul' and 'Sub'10:47
jeancavallocedk: What is the proper way to do a division between decimals ?10:47
cedkjeancavallo: in SQL division is floordiv10:55
cedkjeancavallo: or you have to use the function Div10:57
jeancavallocedk: Thank you10:57
cedkjeancavallo: oops no sorry Div is also floordiv10:58
jeancavallocedk: I will go with FloorDiv then10:58
cedkjeancavallo: indeed, I think there is a bug in python-sql11:00
cedkjeancavallo: "/" is floordiv with interger and real div with non-integer11:00
jeancavallocedk: Well, I did suppose '/' would be converted properly11:00
jeancavallocedk: So should I wait for a fix ?11:01
jeancavallocedk: Ca a l'air bon11:29
jeancavallocedk: Sry, Looks good :)11:29
guillemBarbahi, I'm doing a proteus script where I set a many2many relation, but it raise an error when I try to add the same target instance to two different instances12:54
cedkguillemBarba: use different instances12:55
guillemBarbacedk: ¿? I need to add the same object in the relation of different instances12:56
guillemBarbacedk: do you say that I need to reinstantiate the target instance?12:57
cedkguillemBarba: yes12:59
guillemBarbaok. doing a s.locations_to_fed.append(Location( ) works. thnks13:02
jvblascois there any place with documentation about allowing the tryton server generate PDF reports?13:05
jvblascoi'm looking around in the reports sections but it references to INSTALL. What install file is it refering to? I looked in the relatorio docs and couldn't find it.13:06
jeancavallojvblasco: i think you have no choice but to generate odt files then convert them using unoconv13:20
jvblascojeancavallo: unoconv?13:26
jvblascojeancavallo: may it be the piece i'm missing and makes the server throw errors?13:26
jeancavallojvblasco: There is a special entry in trytond.conf to manage unoconv connection.13:28
jvblascojeancavallo: great, working on it. Thnx so much ;)13:29
jvblascojeancavallo: it worked, i can now get pdf reports from the client. Thnx a lot ;)15:25
martinguzmanHi all! I just have a question: I have a model (Physician) with a Many2Many field (services) like this:
martinguzmanI have another model (Appointment) which has a physician and a service. How should I define the service or set its domain so this service is one of the physician services? I tried this:, but does not work...19:37
cedkmartinguzman: you must add a function field which compute the services list20:07
cedkmartinguzman: you can not use dot notation in Eval20:07
martinguzmancedk, thanks!20:09

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