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guillemBarbacedk: it's possible to serve an instance method by RPC?13:43
cedkguillemBarba: yes13:45
cedkguillemBarba: see
guillemBarbacedk: I'm looking that but it doesn't works :-(13:52
cedkguillemBarba: I can tell you it works, it is used in many places for on_change, buttons13:53
guillemBarbacedk: now, I'm trying with classmethod. Now, I pastebin the instancemethod version13:55
guillemBarbacedk: and the version with instance method:
cedkguillemBarba: remove the decorator first14:02
guillemBarbacedk: error only in pastebin, it is removed14:04
cedkguillemBarba: in proteus all methods are classmethod14:04
guillemBarbacedk: the proteus call must be FileFormat.export_file(ff, models) ?? almost if export_file is an instance method?14:05
guillemBarbacedk: "almost" no, "even" :-/14:06
cedkguillemBarba: with ids instead of instance14:07
guillemBarbacedk: all params must be IDs => in Tryton method 'self' could be an instance but 'models' must to be list of ID. right?14:09
cedkguillemBarba: yes14:13
cedkguillemBarba: proteus needs some love for buttons and rpc calls14:13
guillemBarbacedk: thanks!! it works!14:17
guillemBarbacedk: I understand the limitation. Trytond can't know the type of other instance attributes to could instantiate them. It should require that RPC() defines the type of fields...14:20
guillemBarbacedk: It would be great to have an explanation about this limitation in I will do a codereview14:21
jeancavallocedk: Hi. I am wondering if it would be possible to call _update_mptt once for each model just before committing ?14:43
jeancavallocedk: I update 100+ records on the same tree in the same transaction, and each time I save one, _update_mptt is rather long14:45
cedkjeancavallo: save all at once15:16
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