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version32I have followed the helloworld example to make a new module. I cannot see it in the client module list. I have restarted both server and client.11:13
version32I have also followed the advice here to copy an existing module (making the appropriate changes). I used google_maps as my example. But still no joy.11:14
corroversion32: upgrade a random module you have already installed and refresh the module list11:14
version32corro; will try. thanks.11:15
version32corro: 100% success.11:19
corroversion32: good to hear11:40
version32corro: thank you!11:40
corroversion32: you're welcome11:40
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visheshcedk: Hey, can you take a look at bcrypt patch
cedkvishesh: not before the release12:40
visheshcedk: Ok.12:48
guillemNaNhi, how can I get the filename of a binary field?13:03
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martinguzmanHi all! I'm having problems using a function field as a domain from another field. This is what I'm doing:
martinguzmanMy problem is that the function method (get_service_categories) is not being called and I'm not sure why... What am I doing wrong? What am I forgetting?20:01
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cedkmartinguzman: it is called if the field is read20:44
martinguzmancedk, is there a way to force a read? (I tried to create a default method, but It gives me an error)20:56
cedkmartinguzman: display the record in the client21:01
martinguzmancedk, I'm displaying it, but the service domain does not work when a new record is created.. (when the new button is pressed, before saving the record)21:05
cedkmartinguzman: nothing is read when creating a record21:06
cedkmartinguzman: you are probably looking for default value21:08
martinguzmancedk, it gives me an error: AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'update'21:13
martinguzmancedk, I'm returning an id list... and gives me that error..21:15
martinguzmancedk, this is the traceback:
cedkmartinguzman: default value for a on2many is a list of dict value21:32
cedkmartinguzman: I guess you want to use a many2many21:32
cedkmartinguzman: by the way, I'm wondering why you are using a function field21:40
cedkmartinguzman: you could just tune the domain to use: ('category.service', '=', True)21:41
cedkmartinguzman: don't know what you are using as flag to tag category as service21:41
martinguzmancedk, I have a configuration model where I want to select some categories and on this model I want to select only services from that category list...21:45
cedkmartinguzman: yes, I understood that21:45
cedkmartinguzman: but you can just use a smart domain instead of relying on function field value21:46
martinguzmancedk, ok! I understand what you're saying... I'm going to try it.. Thanks for your help! :)21:52
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