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yangooncedk was it intentional to only release part of bug fix releases? hg log12:55
yangooncedk e.g. the client for version 2.8 is not yet released12:56
cedkyangoon: yes because he got too young fixes12:59
yangoonok thx, so I will wait until release is complete12:59
cedkyangoon: it will be probably release next week13:00
cedkyangoon: you know they are unrelated13:01
cedkyangoon: it is just because I got a reminder every month, that they are published together13:02
yangooncedk I think mostly they are unrelated, but could be, that a module fix depends on a server fix13:06
yangooncedk: so I would recommend to release always together13:06
cedkyangoon: it should not13:06
Piloucedk: it seems that one mail I wrote is stuck in the moderation queue of tryton-dev mailing list.16:37
cedkPilou: was considered as spam16:42
motaroHello everyone I have a question how do you relate a user with an employee?19:12
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