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iamnoobanyone up ?05:32
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LordVananyone here who uses tryton for project management who could help me find out if it is suitable for what we need (just a few quick questions nothing in-depth)11:16
cedkLordVan: just ask your questions11:17
LordVanah hey cedk long time no see ;) how you doing these days?11:18
LordVan- and i was just checking someone is actually here atm ;)11:18
cedkLordVan: I'm fine thx11:20
LordVananyway back to my question ;)11:21
LordVanWe currently have all our stuff just as .ods ,...11:21
LordVanwhich especially for the lists (invoices, offers,...) is of course a pain so I am looking to replace this11:21
LordVanthe main problem I see at the moment is projec tmanagement11:22
LordVanWe currently have bits of papers which get put in folders to go out to the people who actually do the welding,...11:23
LordVannow we don'T just have one folder per order11:23
LordVanie we need sheets for e.g. different material, assembly11:23
LordVanso it'S a lot more than just one sheet per order - or even per order pos.11:23
LordVanthe sheets also have space for the workers to put in their hours, material they need, ..11:24
LordVanunfortunately it is not really possible to do all this electronical (most workers are just about PC illiterate )11:24
LordVanso I was wondering if it'd be possible and feasible to generate those sheets (or write the data for them in manually is ok too) and store&print them in the system11:25
LordVanin fact most sheets probably would need to be edited before printing11:25
LordVanand/or split into multiple ones11:25
LordVan(It'S not vital to do this with the system, but would be an interesting way to keep these things as well because as it is now we don't save 99% of those sheets - so the information is only on paper)11:26
cedkLordVan: if you can parse it, you can do what you want with it inside Tryton11:27
LordVanyeah but i'd have to write the module for that myself (or pay someone to do it ^^) I assume11:27
LordVansince this is probably pretty far from "standard" stuff11:27
LordVancedk, how much work do you think this could - approx. - be ? (I am currently trying to learn my way around using tryton, before I look at the source ;))11:29
cedkLordVan: yeps, it sounds very specific11:29
cedkLordVan: difficult to say without a complete description of all the workflows11:30
LordVansince of course it is also a matter of if it is worth the effort of creating a module11:31
LordVanI am currently trying to wrap my head around using it first -- i never really used any ERP before --11:32
LordVanand then comes template customization11:32
LordVanah btw11:32
LordVancedk, you should set "masters = gentoo" in your layman overlay11:33
cedkLordVan: don't understand11:34
LordVanportage warning11:34
LordVan!!! Repository 'tryton' is missing masters attribute in '/usr/local/portage/layman/tryton/metadata/layout.conf'11:34
LordVan!!! Set 'masters = gentoo' in this file for future compatibility11:34
LordVanI did it the other day for my dev overlay11:36
LordVanjust one line in metadata/layout.conf11:36
LordVanto get rid of the warning11:36
cedkLordVan: indeed I did not have a metadata folder11:36
LordVancedk, neither did I ;)11:39
LordVancedk, just thought i mention it11:39
cedkLordVan: do you know what is the purpose?11:39
LordVannot entirely sure i think for 90% of the overlays masters = gentoo is fine11:41
LordVanbut you can probably define that you rely on another overlay too11:41
LordVanlike masters = gentoo kde11:41
cedkLordVan: there is a description in the layout.conf of gentoo11:41
LordVanif you rely on stuff in kde overlay11:41
LordVani just found that too11:41
LordVani was reading the manpage first11:41
LordVaninteresting idea11:42
LordVannot sure if i'll ever use it11:42
LordVanI mean you could say you depend on some python overlay that has your deps in11:42
LordVanthen you don't have to mirror them if they are not in the official tree11:43
LordVan*but* you gotta have a trustworthy "master" repo11:43
cedkLordVan: fixed11:43
LordVannice thanks11:43
LordVanI am currently "struggling" a bit wrapping my head around basic usage (since I am not coming from a bookkeeping/financial background I am not even familiar with all the terms used ;))11:48
LordVanwe use LibreOffice here mostly11:50
LordVanwhich is fine to open the documents of course11:50
LordVanbut does the server still only support openoffice?11:50
cedkLordVan: server doesn't depend on xOffice11:54
cedkLordVan: there is just extra depend on unoconv to make conversion and I think unoconv can work with both11:55
LordVanah ok11:55
LordVani didn'T remember exact deps11:55
LordVanwhat is a good tutorial on how to use tryton (not end-user stuff nto customization,..) ?12:06
LordVani seem to be not finding much12:06
cedkLordVan: there is the training module:
LordVan(the module docs on tryton.or are nto really what i am looking for)12:07
cedkLordVan: it is a mq repo with step by step12:07
cedkLordVan: not yet updated to 2.812:07
LordVanah ok i did look through 2.8 stuff12:07
LordVanand not find anything ;)12:07
LordVanah mercurial ..12:08
cedkLordVan: the description explain how to use it12:08
LordVanforgot you use that ;)12:08
LordVanI quite regularily use cvs (gentoo), svn, git(gentoo overlay) . at some point i gotta read up on mercurial too ;)12:08
LordVanI have to say i got quite fond of git atm12:09
LordVancedk, are there big changes (in UI and usage) between 2.6 and 2.8 ?12:10
LordVancedk, i assume just downloading the training repo zip file will do as well (on a windows box without much dev tools atm)12:11
LordVancedk, thx i forgot about that - I read it at some point12:12
cedkLordVan: each mq commit is a new step which brings new feature to the module12:13
cedkLordVan: it goes from basic to complex12:13
cedkLordVan: I would like to write a doc about it12:13
LordVanyou guys gonna be @fosdem by any chance?12:14
cedkLordVan: it is highly probable12:16
cedkLordVan: we go almost each year12:16
LordVancedk, i am considering going again12:16
LordVanmet up with the gentoo bunch 2 years ago there i think12:16
LordVanyou going as guests or also doing talk(s) ?12:16
cedkLordVan: normally as guests but I know there will be a Python room so maybe we will submit a talk12:18
LordVanthat'D be cool12:19
LordVananyway we could also go for a beer/coffe/.. ;)12:19
cedkLordVan: of course12:19
cedkabout ERP at Fosdem, I'm not sure it is the right audience but we got some tools like python-sql, relatorio etc.12:19
LordVanyeah erp doesn't really seem like something for typical fosdem audience ;)12:24
LordVangtg. cya14:27
jeancavalloHi all. Is there a reason why the default method for rounding is ROUND_HALF_EVEN rather than ROUND_HALF_UP ? I cam accross the currency.round method and I usually see the second as a the standard way14:56
cedkjeancavallo: because ROUND_HALF_EVEN is the most fair15:21
cedkjeancavallo: also what are you example of "standard way"?15:29
jeancavallocedk: Something along seems better (1.49 ~ 1 is more intuitive than 1.49 ~ 2 for me)15:31
jeancavallocedk: Though what i would like to know is if there is a reason for using this particular rounding method15:32
cedkjeancavallo: 1.49 is not rounded to 2 with ROUND_HALF_EVEN15:32
cedkjeancavallo: your document is about the introduction of euro, not about daily use in accounting15:33
jeancavallocedk: It addresses the specific concern of rounding currencies15:33
jeancavalloand indeed, bad example15:33
jeancavallocedk: but 2.49 is rounded to 2 isn't it ?15:34
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cedkjeancavallo: no15:36
cedkjeancavallo: if you want to see ROUND_HALF_EVEN in action:15:36
cedkDecimal('1.5').quantize(Decimal(1), ROUND_HALF_EVEN) == Decimal('2.5').quantize(Decimal(1), ROUND_HALF_EVEN)15:37
jeancavallocedk: Decimal('2.5').quantize(Decimal(1), ROUND_HALF_EVEN) = 215:40
jeancavallocedk: that's what I would like to see15:41
jeancavallocedk: But I got 315:41
jeancavallocedk: And that bothers me15:41
cedkjeancavallo: if you got 3, report the issue to Python15:42
jeancavallocedk: Sry, I mixed up things15:43
jeancavallocedk: I got 2, but expected 315:43
jeancavallocedk: My point is, X.5 should be rounded to X+1 consistently15:44
cedkjeancavallo: that's what I call unfaire15:44
cedkjeancavallo: if you pay like that your taxes, at the end you will pay much more15:44
jeancavallocedk: Well, I agree that HALF_EVEN has no bias15:44
jeancavallocedk: but a lot of people / software round HALF_UP15:45
cedkjeancavallo: not your fault if others are bad15:46
jeancavallocedk: Ok. Thank you for your answer15:50
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