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version32Is there a way to do a 'supplier payment run' in Tryton?09:32
cedkversion32: what do you call 'supplier payment run'?09:34
version32cedk: for example, each week the system would generate a list of all supplier balances needing to be paid according to the payment terms, and also prepare a list of moves. Once the payments have been made the move lines can be posted.09:36
cedkversion32: there is the third balance report09:36
cedkversion32: and maybe the future account_payment module09:36
version32cedk: Thanks. Is there any module to make electronic payments to suppliers or does everyone write their own custom module for this?09:38
version32cedk: thank you for the link to account_payment module.09:41
cedkversion32: the goal is to use account_payment as basis09:42
cedkversion32: probably there will be a SEPA module for that one day09:42
version32I had a look at account_fr module over the weekend. It was a surprise for me.09:44
version32The level of detail was more than I was expecting.09:45
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version32cedk: is there a functional specifications document for the account_payment module?09:52
version32cedk: thanks once more. I will read it.09:54
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version32What is the meaning of the strike-out items in the Blueprints menu - for example Lot Management and Dunning Module? Does it mean these items are complete or are not to be further developed at this time?12:08
cedkversion32: implemented12:19
version32cedk: thank you.12:22
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version32Following on from earlier, it would be great if the module could handle payments to Factors. In the UK this is quite common where (sometimes on an invoice by invoice basis) a supplier requires the debt to be paid directly to a finance company.16:51
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