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2013-10-06 11:41 <jvblasco> what can make a Database() .list(cursor) return an empty list?
2013-10-06 13:06 <version32> I have created a few party records at the top level of 'Party'. I would now like to associate a party with sales. I cannot see how to associate an existing party record with sales. Anybody know how to do this?
2013-10-06 13:16 <version32> Ah, got it. I thought maybe you tagged a party as being a customer or a supplier or both. Actually, if one uses the sale or purchase modules to sell to or buy from that party then they appear in the 'associated with sale' or 'associated with purchase ' branch of the Party tree.
2013-10-06 15:51 <version32> Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY format. Is there a configuration option to have dates displayed to users as DD/MM/YYYY ?
2013-10-06 16:42 <version32> When setting up a new party record, there are tick boxes for invoice and delivery. What do these fields represent? I've tried looking at the party module documentation.
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2013-10-06 20:42 <version32> I would like help working out how to create a payment run - create a list of suppliers and amounts to be paid?
2013-10-06 20:46 <version32> and is there a module for electronic bank payments? How do you pay suppliers using Tryton?
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